Tabby Tuesday

Ichiro, I will hiss at you if you try and grab my floof on my tail.  I do not like that.  Momma can hear me hiss when you bother me from several rooms away!  I am not so nice to you as Cheysuli is.

Momma found a food that I really like but Ichiro does not like it so much.  But you know what?  Momma does not care.  She says that when he is an old man he can eat the foods that he likes but until then, I get to choose what to eat! YEAH!  I like that.   I like chicken foods a lot.  I only like fish when it is fresh and I can share it with Momma.

Ichiro was naughty. Momma gave me some treats and he jumped into my space and stole some of them. Momma was very angry with him because it seemed that I liked the treats and she wanted me to eat.  She is not sure if I am thin or if she is just used to Cheysuli (Do not choke on your laughter Mao) and Ichiro, who is a big boy himself!


  1. Ichiro is STILL a handful, isn’t he? My roommates will steal food and treats from skinny little me, and they are old enough to know better!

  2. Naughty of Ichiro to have stolen your treatsies. We hope he was thankful that you shared some of your treatsies with him and will spare you from any floof-tail swiping for the rest of the week!

  3. Gemini, just remember always that you are the big sister and the boss of Ichiro.

  4. Gemini, we agree wiv Simba ~ yoo are the boss’ gerls always are ~ and Ichiro would be wise to remember that! MOL!

  5. Gemini, we’re glad that your mom looks out for you and makes sure Ichiro doesn’t swat your tail or eat your foods. Ichiro still needs to learn some manners, doesn’t he?? And you’re the girlcat to teach him!!

  6. Little brothers, what can you do. You can bury then in the backyard for a start!

  7. Brothers! Sigh.

    Such a pain and such fun all at the same time. Gemini, sounds like your mom has her priorities straight by allowing you to choose the food.

  8. That Ichiro needs some training, I think. She has learned yet, that ladycats rule!

  9. I still say give him a big old tabby whap!

  10. We are glad you get to choose the food. That was not nice of Ichiro to steal your treats.

  11. Whap that brat, sweetie! And get mummy to give you a personal dining room. You need to be spoiled. Love your floofy fur.

  12. Gemini, you deserve to be spoiled!!!!
    Ichiro deserves to be hissed and /or whapped 😉
    Chey deserves to be Chey,heehee
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  13. Ichiro, you do not know who you are messing with when you mess with Gemini’s floof! Consider yourself warned.

  14. The lady cat should get what she wants to eat.

  15. Petite, you’re petite, Gemini.

  16. I understand completely, Gemini. I hiss at that little pest Gino, when he comes around me!

    Your friend

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