Sunday Guest Star: Tink

Tink (a cat who knows me from Facebook) said, “Officer’s Row in Vancouver, WA?”  and that was an excellent guess as that is where I am.   Just to help out a little, ‘Kaika came by and said, “Is it the Gen. O. O. Howard House?” and it is.  Molly, Shadow and Trooder said, “Fanks fer da hint of Officers Row – we had to google dat – we fink its General O.O. Howard House. But we hasn’t a clue acuz dey look da same to us.”  So everyone got something right here!  Chathu knew I was close to Portland but ultimately guessed a different house (but we had to look that up to make sure).

Cory Cat, of course, knew where I was and was waiting just down the street at the Grant House with some nip tinis and cheese.  While Cory thought we might eat there, the Woman remembers quite liking having a late lunch at the Marshall House many years ago and she tells me I must try the Grant House now.

Officers Row in Vancouver, WA is part of the old Fort Vancouver Historic site.   Officers Row is of course where the officers lived with their families when they were stationed there.    It is an historic street that has been renovated. Many of the houses are now apartments and small businesses.  The Grant House houses a restaurant and the Marshall House is now rented out for Social Functions.  The Howard House is on the west end of Officer’s Row and has the Visitor’s Center.

Pearson Air Museum is also part of the Fort Vancouver Site and is quite a nice little museum.  The owner spent a great deal of time talking with my Grandfather (on the Woman’s side) about being a naval pilot.   On the week day it was fairly quiet so it gave them a lot of time to chat and hear a lot about the history of the museum.


  1. Congrats to Tink! We dint even have a clue about tryin ta figure out where ya were Chey! It was just a house. A nice house ta be sure, but still nothing special we could see about it. Our best admirations to Tink for findin ya on this one… 🙂

  2. Chathu and her cat Netti says:

    Congrats to Tink 🙂

    I was close bu not enough..

  3. Concats to Tink!
    (we love that name too)
    Helllllllllllllllooo Miss Gemini.
    Have a great weekend!!

    your boyfriendcat

  4. Congrats to Tink! We didn’t know where you were.

  5. Yay, I guessed right! Okay,okay it was really my kitteh, Solomon (pictured). He told Meowmy where it was =)

  6. What a fun place to be! Our lady says Vancouver is a pawsome place and she’d love to go there again one day.

  7. Yay for Tink!!

  8. Concats to Tink. We were totally on the wrong coast.

  9. I don’t think I would have guesses it if I were there with you!

  10. I had no clue! I bet you will get a lot of new places to visit when your mom visits the east coast. My mom says she would love to meet your mom when she is in SC in April. Greenville is only about 1 1/2 hours away from us. Email my mom at and she’ll send you her phone number.

    Thank you so much for your visit and the purrs while we await my test results and for my mom’s nerves.

  11. Great job Tink! That is a pretty building. Mommy loves those old period homes. They have lotsa character. We should rent that out for a cat blogger social function! They’ll have plenty of rooms for dancing, ceiling walking and litterboxes…

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