Meezer Mancat Monday

Well I hope this shows off my biggish feet a little bit. Mom is thinking of showing me in the Average Joe Cat Show as softest fur (lots of you got that) and prettiest eyes (and almost everyone agreed) and biggest feet but I don’t think anyone got that!  I was surprised that no one said Most Average!   She has thought about longest Whiskers!   I do not think I will be entered in Mr.Personality as I’m kind of shy and Mom doesn’t know if I will be friendly or not.   That is why I will be there to see if I like cat shows or not.  If Cheysuli were there to sit on I think I would like it but Mom says she would not be taking Chey for me to sit on.

It’s not really fair is it?

Anyway Mom has this old main site, My Siamese.  It was everything for you and your meezer.   She doesn’t work on it much and doesn’t feel she wants to.  She wants to do something to help more cats and bring people over to that site.   She has a few ideas (like showcasing more cats who need homes) but she is also looking for other ideas. What do cat bloggers need that’s not being filled?   She has seen a plugin so that lots of people could have auctions and they could just create an account there and start an auction which she thinks is neato as it would be tidier than using the blogger blogs and trying to read through the comments.  She is not sure about that.  She’d love to help other cat bloggers promote their work but isn’t sure what time of medium we need for that.  Any ideas you can either email her or comment here!


  1. YAY! We are first!

    We struggled to fid the comment button today ~ we thought it was missing ~ then mom tried clicking on the post title and hey presto!

    Ichiro, we think you are gorjuss and will win a prize for sure!

  2. Ichiro, we think you could be in any CAT-agory and win!! Is all the blood rushing to your head now??

  3. Ichiro, what an adorable pose! We think you’d win in any of those categories, for sure. 🙂

  4. Ichiro, you sure are getting to me one incredibly handsome hunk of meezer mancat. Your feets tell the tale of how big you will finally be.

    An auction site that was more streamlined than using blogger sounds like a good idea.

  5. Ichiro, clearly if there were a category for Best Belly, you would win.

    I think my mom would like help with tips on creating graphics and design stuff for blogs…how to do it yourself to create banners, etc.


    reporting from her iPaw, somewhere over Georgia

  6. the auction thing would be kind of cool.

    wow, you has a LOT of floofs!

  7. You sure look quite comfy in that position…I’m waving back!

  8. We think you are looking super cute there Ichiro! We think Best Belly is a good one for you too!

    And hm, we think that all the ideas for the site are good. We dont’ really know what it should be about – something that helps lots of cats is great but there are so many ways and so manythings, it just makes our heads spin!

  9. We said you had big feets! We just know you’ll win!

  10. We think that Most Relaxed would be a good CATegory for you!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. You do look very Mancartly, Ichiro. I have big feet, too…the biggest Mom has ever seen, she says, so I think I’d win a contest for Biggest Feet.

    Max S.

  12. Well, whatever category ya enter, Ichiro, we sure hope ya win!

  13. You are a very handsome kitty, Ichiro — big feet and all! I think you are much above average, so you should steal the show, should you attend.

  14. Your mom is very ambitious and kind to want to help other bloggers. We’re sure she will figure out something positive to do.

  15. Ichiro
    You are such a handsome meezer and you have wonderful floof.
    It will be interesting to see how you like the show.

    That plug in for helping with auction bidding sounds like a great idea.
    Hellllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  16. That lovely tummy shows off your soft fur too.

  17. We’re looking forward to seeing how you fare in the contest, Ichiro. We can’t comment on the store as we don’t live in your area and it’s too expensive to ship stuff to us.

  18. We are sure that you will win paws down in ALL the categories!!!

  19. Dat kitteh is too cute. He makes me jealous, and I have Mom wrapped round my paw! Chey, you is always so quick to see our posts! My purrthday is approximately Mar 1, so maybe yur early, an maybe not! Thanks an purrs!

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