Siamese Personality

Siamese cats are known for their wonderful personality.

Siamese don’t bestow their love on just anyone. Often they will watch new comers to the house and see how they behave before they decide whether they will grace them with their presence. Even the most outgoing and least choosy of Siamese have one person to whom they are particularly attached. They are nothing if not loyal. We have heard it said that chocolate points, like our Cheysuli, are nothing if not loyal.

Siamese are talkers. Some folks claim they have a loud, annoying meow. Other people adore the sounds they make. The loud vocalization is part of every Siamese’s repertoire, but they have hundreds of other sounds as well. There are little chirps or merfs. There are chatty meows. There are the questioning meows.

Siamese love activity and if something is being played with, they want to be part of it. They love stretching their long lean body and twisting it into position to catch that thing that is just out of reach, whether it’s a bug, a string, a feather toy or the tail of another cat. When they jump and catch, they are playing with the accuracy of a predator. They don’t just bat at a string or feather. They hunt to keep.

While many Siamese are highly independent, others suffer from separation anxiety. If someone is going to be gone a lot, a Siamese may not be the best cat. All Siamese love attention. They love their people socializing. If you can offer this, then you could be a good candidate for the love and affection of a Siamese

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