Find Chey Friday

Well isn’t this rather exotic? And I am so glad that it’s not snowing here!  It was at home you know.    I hope that our snow doesn’t impact all the rest of you who had a ton of snow already. I should hate to see you get more.   Anyway I got tired of no sun and decided to come some place warm!

Of course, I think I got myself turned around so I’m not sure which way to go to get home…

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  1. Well, you are definitely NOT in Kansas….

  2. I, of course, know but am not allowed to tell. BTW, it can snow there too. When it does, it’s quite magical.

  3. You are at some ruins! Somewhere……..

  4. Our mum saw a lot of ancient sites on her last cruise and she said it looks a lot like Pompeii but she is not sure about those two columns. She will check her photos as soon as she gets the chance to.

  5. We think you are in italy,
    We will try to figure out more when dad wakes up to help

    Pixel and Samba

  6. paestum?

    Pixel and Samba

  7. we think that you are at the ruined palace of some ancient cat in Egypt – you know they worshipped their cats the right way back then!

  8. Is it Persepolis, Palace of Darius???
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  9. We don’t know where you are, as usual!!! Be careful on those ruins!

  10. Hey, I’m still on a roll here, I have no idea…again!!!

  11. The (not so smart) Florida Furkids have no idea even with help from Angel Sniffie.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. YEAH! For Sam, Sabrina and Simon!!! And thanks to Momo for inviting me to this intriguing place!

  13. Concats to the Rocky Mt Meezers!

  14. Concats to the Rocky Mount Meezers. We came back to say mum checked her photos didn’t think it was Pompeii because the columns weren’t right and Mt. Vesuvius should have been in the background.

  15. It looks like a very cool place to snoop around. Have fun!

  16. I have to second what Brian said…we’re batting a 1000 too, we have NO idea either!

    Helllllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  17. Great werk Rocky Mount Meezers! At least ya kept it in the Meezer fambly…

    Ayla and Iza Meezer

  18. Yay for the Rocky Mount Meezers. Just spot on!

  19. Sabrina, Sam, and Simon must’ve visited there. We would’ve guessed “Car-Henge” in Nebraska.

    Have a good weekend.

  20. It was Greek to us! But what do we know about ruins?

  21. We are clueless…thank goodness the Rocky Mount Meezers knew where you were!!

  22. Cool pic. And Chey fits right in. Classic

  23. Heck we didn’t even get here until Caturday afternoon. Mum has just not been helping us get on line lately.

    We didn’t have a clue anyway, but good to see you someplace sunny and hopefully warm. Send warm and sunny our way please.

  24. I haven’t a clue. If you are in Euorpe it is still winter there but I don’t think some parts get a lot of it like we do. It looks like a lovely place to catch some sun though. Hope you find your way home OK.

  25. Way to go, Rocky Mt Meezers!!!

  26. Wherever you are, it looks like there is no roof!

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