Find Chey Friday

Because it is cold out, I will give you a hint. I am not at my Great-Aunt’s house in Racine.  But even if it’s not in the face of that storm, it is still pretty darned chilly here.  Can you find me fast?!  I need fishy flakes.  And I have a review to finish.   0 paws Woman.  0!

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  1. You’re in Alaska??? Aren’t your paws cold? Will fishy flakes give mummy a great review and land you in scandal again??? We can’t wait!

  2. Alaska, Glacier Bay. ? Hubbard Glacier. That’s about as close as I can get.
    Come back and warm your butt, Chey!

  3. Momo one of your guesses is correct but only one…

  4. Is it John Reid glacier in Glacier Bay? Mum took lots of photos when they were on their cruise in Alaska but hasn’t time to look them up right now as she is getting ready to take me to the vet.

  5. Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay Alaska? No? Then I’ll just get back to my Fishy Flakes.

  6. How about the Riggs Glacier?

  7. Erm …. err …. hmmmm …. dunno! But we hope yoo took a scarf ‘cos it looks VERY cold!

  8. Isn’t MoMo smart? We thinks Glacier Bay in Alaska was her correct guess. Wherever you are it is to cold for us. WE are teleporting to somewhere warmer.

  9. That looks like our back yard this January! Or like the piles of snow along the roads here. Luckily things have been melting more the past 2 days, but there is still a ton of it. Maybe we could airlift it up to Alaska?

    I got some help from Mom with a suggestion that you are in Glacier Bay in Alaska at a specific Glacier, but she is making me to wait to see if anybody else guesses first, since we have an advantage with her having gone there.

  10. I was actually going to say on a glacier in Alaska, but that all that I know. Just get some warm stuff on and don’t sit so close to that water.

  11. We think you’re in Alaska…but we don’t know exactly where. We suk at this game…0 paws to us.

  12. That glacier looks very cold, we hope you are warm enough!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. All we know is that it looks very cold! Get home quick!!!

  14. My paws are freezing just looking at you Chey! Wherever you are…and I know that it’s a glacier…but I don’t really care where it is because there doesn’t seem to be any cheese there. I really think you ought to go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory next week.

  15. Chey, your fur suit ain’t gonna be enough there…wherever you are…

  16. So far only Momo has gotten it right… Now that’s HUGE hint.

  17. Ah, ha! I think maybe it is Disenchantment Bay and Hubbard Glacier? Since you said only Momo was right. And my humans didn’t go there.

  18. Or Russell Fjord/Hubbard Glacier?

  19. Iceland???

  20. Stay with the glacier… not sure what bay it was! And is there a bay or am I ON a glacier?! 🙂

  21. Chey, you are being tricky. I think the answer ou are trying so hard to extract is simply Hubbard Glacier, Alaska.

  22. Chey
    Wherever you are YOU look cold.
    Helllllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  23. Chey, dat is furry cold lookin and we has NO clue where it is yoo are. Stay warm and we hope yoo is found fast.

  24. Brrrrr. We hope someone guesses right very quickly, before you get frostbite!

    Chey, do you think you might reconsider your annual review and give your human some credit for doing her best?

  25. A glacier????? Really??? Are you nuts?????
    In the COLD!!???
    Chey, if you insist in gallivanting about,
    ask your Mom to get you a GPS! 😉
    Hope you get found before you freeze!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  26. Mum has had chance to look at her photos now and agrees with Momo that it does look like the Hubbard Glacier. In her album she has put it down as being in Disenchantment Bay but she has put Yakutat Bay in brackets beside it and can’t remember why. Maybe one is part of the other bay, or maybe they are alternate names for it. She’s probably wrong anyway.

  27. We dont know where ya are, but we laffed about the rating. “0” straight across the board! Well, at least The Woman is CONSISTENT…

  28. Yep! Hubbard Glacier! Yakutat Bay sounds familiar to us but perhaps that is part of the larger Disenchantment Bay.

  29. Well we didn’t know for sure, but it sorta look like our back yard before the melting all started. Stay warm.

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