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Tabby Tuesday

Well I can talk about me this week.  Except that there is not a lot to say. Last week, on Tuesday morning I meowed all night. Between that and what Momma thought was me not eating much she took me to the vet.   The vet lady found that I had gained 6 ounces so Momma felt dumb. But they did give her a remedy for me and so she gave it to me and I have not meowed all night again.

The vet lady thinks it is because I am distressed from the intruder building the bathroom. He is almost done with the guest bath but it will get worse because on Wednesday he will start on the master bath and I hide in the closet of the master bedroom, which means he will be RIGHT THERE where I am. I do not think I will like that.  Momma said it would be for about two weeks.  And she will move me into the spare bedroom so I can hide under that bed and feel safer.

I guess I had a lot to say after all.

Oh oops.. Happy Birthday Chey…?

Meezer Mancat Monday

Well I hope this shows off my biggish feet a little bit. Mom is thinking of showing me in the Average Joe Cat Show as softest fur (lots of you got that) and prettiest eyes (and almost everyone agreed) and biggest feet but I don’t think anyone got that!  I was surprised that no one said Most Average!   She has thought about longest Whiskers!   I do not think I will be entered in Mr.Personality as I’m kind of shy and Mom doesn’t know if I will be friendly or not.   That is why I will be there to see if I like cat shows or not.  If Cheysuli were there to sit on I think I would like it but Mom says she would not be taking Chey for me to sit on.

It’s not really fair is it?

Anyway Mom has this old main site, My Siamese.  It was everything for you and your meezer.   She doesn’t work on it much and doesn’t feel she wants to.  She wants to do something to help more cats and bring people over to that site.   She has a few ideas (like showcasing more cats who need homes) but she is also looking for other ideas. What do cat bloggers need that’s not being filled?   She has seen a plugin so that lots of people could have auctions and they could just create an account there and start an auction which she thinks is neato as it would be tidier than using the blogger blogs and trying to read through the comments.  She is not sure about that.  She’d love to help other cat bloggers promote their work but isn’t sure what time of medium we need for that.  Any ideas you can either email her or comment here!

Sunday Guest Stars: Sabrina, Sam and Simon

I am thrilled to say that I was found by cats who do not often find me!  Sabrina, Sam and Simon said, “Is it Persepolis, Palace of Darius???”

And they were right. Momo invited me to visit some of his favorite travel places.

We don’t know a lot about this place, so the Woman did a search.   The Palace was built by Darius the Great, although it was not completed in his lifetime.  There are some great close ups at this site.  I actually enjoy the historical perspective at this site, which is a history of Iran, which of course used to be Purr-sia.   No wonder I felt so at home there!

I had to laugh at a Few Good Cats who said, “It was Greek to us! But what do we know about ruins?”  I am surprised that Purr-sian ruins weren’t more well known amongst us cats!

Find Chey Friday

Well isn’t this rather exotic? And I am so glad that it’s not snowing here!  It was at home you know.    I hope that our snow doesn’t impact all the rest of you who had a ton of snow already. I should hate to see you get more.   Anyway I got tired of no sun and decided to come some place warm!

Of course, I think I got myself turned around so I’m not sure which way to go to get home…

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.

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Thankful Thursday

He really ought to be thankful that I presented the side of my face to him so he could sniff it delicately. I could have offered him the paw.

And by the way, Ichiro, that is my purple feather toy…

We are also thankful to our friend Simba for giving us the Awesome Blogger Award. Of course, the fact that I am awesome should be self evident.

Awesome Blogger Award

I was award this award from an equally Awesome blogger named Simba! Thank you very much.  I am supposed to write 7 things about myself, nominate 15 blogs to receive the award, and notify them about the award.

7 things about me? Really?

1. I will be 9 years old in March

2. I love to sleep in front of the heat dish that the Woman has.  Baring that I sit next to the regular heater.

3. I have only a few teeth left as most have been pulled.

4.   Before the Woman adopted me, I had three litters of purebred kittens at the breeders.

5. The Woman actually saw one of my kits before she adopted me–she admired him in a show.

6.  I have never been shown, although I am show quality.   My tail was broken as a kitten and it set with a kink which is a flaw for show Siamese.

7.  Gemini is the same age as the last of my kits.

Now for 15 bloggers… 15 REALLY?

So let’s start out with

Igmu, Nels, Nitro and Edmund

Jeter Harris

Cory, Ellie, Nigel, Grete, Jonsie, Ginger, Bennette, Madison, Ceclia and Figaro

and I am counting each cat separately… so I think Cory will really have to get her human in shape!!! HE HE HE.  And well I’m too lazy to name 15 bloggers randomly because I think you are all awesome!


Wednesdays with Chey

I think that they should rename this day to something that starts with a C so it alliterates better with my name.   I’m sure that everyone could remember to call Wednesday “Cheysday” instead don’t you?

I am quite pleased with the photo in the sun.   Tuesday we had snow.  Not like those cats in the East or Midwest but certainly we finally got some and it was wet and messy and of course it happens at least twice a winter so that no one knows what to do.

The Woman was quite embarrassed yesterday.  She has been worrying about Gemini not eating.   Well the brat has been eating something.  After taking her into the vet (she gave my name and they knew EXACTLY who they were talking to and got her in right away) she found out that Gemini has gained 6 ounces.  Of course she meowed all night but that could be stress from having an intruder here for so long working on the bathroom.  It’s just the Male’s bath so who cares about it. I can’t wait to see the bath colored after ME.

Tabby Tuesday

I can’t believe that Ichiro is making me talk about his stuff.  He really is a self centered little cat. He is such a piglet and takes up so much space that I do not eat unless he is locked up. Momma feeds me first cause I am a little cat and she worries about me and my weight.

Anyway, Momma is thinking he should get entered in prettiest eyes (and apparently everyone agrees), softest fur (except for mine but he really is silky soft) and something you don’t see super much on the photos is biggest feet!  He has enormous kitty feets.  Momma laughs at him because he has such big feet.  More original tail used to be floofiest tail, which would have been me but I do not think that I would like to be in a show. Momma isn’t sure Ichiro will like it either so she doesn’t think he would show off for Mr. Personality.

Well, now I am going to go have a little bath.

Mancat Meezer Monday

Well Momma wants to enter me in the Average Joe Cat Show cause she thinks I am a winner.  She needs to decide which categories to enter me in.   Which do you think I would be good in?  The categories are on the sidebar here.   Momma says she only wants me to be entered into about three or four categories as it costs for each category.

She was laughing and thinking for the cage decoration contest she could make it a Mariner’s dugout or something.  That would not be what I was entered into though. She thinks that is more for the people than for the cats.

Cheysuli will not be entered.   Momma says it is because Chey is not average.  I know it is because Momma likes me best and I am most likely to be the winner.

I will let Gemini tell you which categories Momma is thinking about for me after you give us your ideas!  Then I will talk more about it next week!

Sunday Guest Stars: Momo, Simba and Eric and Flynn

Well shortly after I was out and about Momo came by and said, “Alaska, Glacier Bay. ? Hubbard Glacier. That’s about as close as I can get.Come back and warm your butt, Chey!” and one of those answers was correct!  Alaska of course, as several cats got but also Hubbard Glacier.

Simba said, “Ah, ha! I think maybe it is Disenchantment Bay and Hubbard Glacier? Since you said only Momo was right. And my humans didn’t go there.” Eric and Flynn also said, “Mum has had chance to look at her photos now and agrees with Momo that it does look like the Hubbard Glacier. In her album she has put it down as being in Disenchantment Bay but she has put Yakutat Bay in brackets beside it and can’t remember why. Maybe one is part of the other bay, or maybe they are alternate names for it. She’s probably wrong anyway.”

And yes they are all right!  Good for them.

None of you were fooled that I was in Wiskerconsin although several of you said it looked a bit like your backyard!  Boy was I glad lots of you found me so that I did not have to freeze my toesies off for long!

The Woman is getting low on creative photos and would love it if someone has any suggestions and photos they want to send me. Photos must be by your human (or you if you have your own camera) so that we can use them with permission. Also, please let the Woman know where I will be going as she is not very good at this game!