Worship on Wednesday

Of course it’s me.   Would you really want to worship anyone else?  The Woman doesn’t want people to be too worried about Gemini. She tends to be a slim little cat who picks at her food.   Ichiro’s fast eating means she is getting a little less and now she is looking a bit too slim.  She is only five.  The Woman is most concerned that it looks like she will have to have a dental sometime this year.   She eats well when Ichiro is not around and I am not crowding her.   The sardines help but well they make her a finicky little cat too as she is spoiled about what she gets and what she wants.  The Woman is taking notes about what things she likes best.

The Woman was home all day yesterday and did a lot of work.  She worked on everything but my site and the updated header and such.  Of course it won’t just be the header. We’ll be getting a whole new theme and look.   I can’t wait.

Overall things are going as well as can be expected here.    I crack the whip and the Woman works.   What else could a cat ask for?


  1. We are looking forward to the new look!

  2. A new look? How cool! I’m sure you crack a wicked whip, Chey!

  3. I don’t crack the whip over my human here – I jump on the desk and slap her!

  4. WOW! We can’t wait to see the noo look. Milo is a finicky eater too ~ and he is very slim, although healthy.

  5. Well Chey, it looks like you have things at your place under control!!
    We did not expect anything less 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  6. Rule on Chey!

  7. We can’t wait to see your new look! In the meantime, we know you’ll keep your Woman in line.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. You are the taskmaster, Chey!!

  9. A new look is very exciting. It’s so important for us kitties to keep the mom in line!

  10. I love today’s picture of you, Chey! I must say, it is rather aMEWSing of you!

    Hope Gemini feels a little hungrier, soon — but then if Ichiro’s eating her foods, what’s a kitty to do except be spoiled by her mama?

  11. A new look! Cool! Chey, we might need you to come here and whip my mom into shape. She still hasn’t even added Figaro to our header…sigh.

  12. You are such a cute ruler Chey!

  13. Good work, Chey. I wish I could get my secretary to give us a new look but she’s a total slacker!


  14. Chey
    You are da cat’s meow!
    Oh Miss Gemini I am so glad that you are getting enough good noms!

    Your boyfriend cat

  15. We are glad that ALL of you are keeping The Woman in line. Humans require SO much management…

  16. Yup, whip away!
    Otherwise hooman slacks away!

  17. Sounds like you have everything under control Chey.

  18. Much worshipping coming your way, Chey. You should keep Ichiro busy while Gemini eats. Jump on his head!

    I am excited to see what your new blog look is like.

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