Wednesday With Chey

I am keeping an eye on things, as you can see. I have to with that little cat around. Who knows when he might land on my head?

The Woman is leaving again.   Can you believe it?  This weekend she will be in Portland again.   And she is volunteering with our shelter at a cat show in Portland.    Perhaps Cory can keep an eye on her for me.   You never know what she might get into…

So there will be no Find Chey Friday. Hopefully I will not be stuck beneath Ichiro because the Male did not rescue me in time.  Hopefully there will be Chey again.   But you never know…


  1. Hi Chey, that is THE best place to be keepin’ an eye on things…from a nice and toasty blankie…have a great day!

  2. he who has one eye open is one step ahead, right!!

  3. Too bad your human didn’t take Ichiro with her when she left town! Then maybe she could have accidentally left him at Cory’s.

  4. Make sure yoo kepp that cute little whipper-snapper Ichiro under control while yoor mom is away!

  5. We hope you can get some rest without being pounced on by Ichiro!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Wow, it’s gonna be doubly hard keeping an eye on Ichiro if the woman isn’t there to run interference….

  7. Yes, we too hope you can get some rest without fear of being sat on! It’s exhausting to always be on alert!

  8. We is surprised, yoo’d rather have the male touch yoo some how to rescue yoo from Ichiro? And even if he doesnt touch yoo, yoo’d still owe him fer saving yoo, wouldnt yoo? Ooooo we must go sit and have sum more nip afore this becomes apparent.

  9. Chey, if you want to catch a catnap (and what cat doesn’t?)….we will teleport over and keep an eye (or actually 5 cats x two eyes each = 10 eyes)…okay we will keep 10 eyes out for trouble….errr….we mean Ichiro!

    Hey, your Mommy is leaving???? Well, we hope that she has a save trip.

  10. Have you tried biting his butt as it’s coming towards your head?

  11. I’m sure you will be one step ahead of him Chey!

  12. With think Ichiro would be the hit of the cat show, so tell the Woman to take him with her.

  13. OH Chey! I’m sure you will survive! Just think what your Mommy is doing to help all the homeless kitties!

    You need to develop some copying skills to deal with Ichiro methinks.

  14. Oh dear oh dear Miss Gemini are you going to be OK while you’re woman is away?
    I can come over and keep you safe until she get back.

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Sigh. I know how you feel. The Red Meniss is about bigger than me now, and the OTW says she thinks he looks like he’s STILL growing! He likes to sit on me and pester me and sit in my basket and bite me and chase me around and make the OTW squirt him. He’s a jurkfase. And she didn’t take him away when she went either.

    Trade you? Me for Ichiro? That might teach my OTW a lesson, making her deal with TWO of the Unnecessary Kittens!

  16. We think you are very wise to keep an eye open for Ichiro.

  17. Chey, if it’s warmer there than it is here, with no snow, I will gladly come protect you from Ichiro. Not that you really need it, but sometimes back up is nice.


  18. Chey, I’ll do my best to keep an eye on your mom, but you know if she doesn’t have any cheese in her pocket, and someone else does…I can’t make any promises. I think the bigger issue is that she’s going to be spending time with lots of cats who are not you.

  19. Hey Chey! Iffen ya can find places ta hide UNNER, Ichiro cant land ON yer head…

  20. Doesnt’ your mum know she needs to stay home with you? You need her cuddles since you know you won’t get those from the Male.

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