Tabby Tuesday

I am very happy that Momma is back.   My dad did not sit down and feed me sardines on the floor like Momma told him to.  He just locked up Ichiro while I ate a little bit and then let him out to eat my foods!  Which I do not think is fair at all.

Momma was tired and did not call the vet yet to have my teeth checked.  I do not mind at all. I do not want to go for a car ride.

The cat show Momma volunteered at went really well.  She is thinking she would like to show Ichiro as a household pet. There were lots of them at the show.   The shelter entered several of their cats.  They were there to raise money and awareness.   The money they were raising went to the fund to help cats who need surgeries.   Anyway Grainne needs a nose job because she can’t breathe easily–it is a genetic thing.   At the show the Spectator’s Choice kitty would win some money.   Grainne won the Spectator’s Choice kitty at the show and so they got an additional $50 for her fund!   Her fund on Facebook is here.

Momma also got to talk to the nice lady who makes those lovely earrings.   She hand makes them all.  The earrings are not a mold–Momma thought they might be.  Anyway she got so many that she got a discount.   The lady is working on an Etsy Shop and Momma said that the lady will send her a link when she has it up and so we can post that for all of you.  They are very nice people.


  1. Wait, yoo did not git fish or hand fed? No see now we know why Chey dun like hims – he doesnt serve well we finks! MOL We hope yer teefs feel better wifout a v-e-t visit.

  2. What? No sardines?

    We’re purring for Grainne. Mom told me she is a total sweetheart and she deserves the best.

  3. Yer lucky Dad at least locked up Ichiro while ya ate yer food. Marley eats fast, eats a lot, and eats ours too. We are debatin whether ta start whappin him.

  4. Well your daddy is in trouble, we can see that right away. Poor Gemini! We hope you feel OK and that you eat all your sardines without having to go to the VET>

  5. I think you were mistreated while your human was gone, Gemini! Male humans – there are not a lot of them who know how to treat a kitty right.

  6. Ditto what Sparkle wrote! Really, no hand-fed sardines. That’s just beyond the bounds of what any cat should have to tolerate.

    And if you do have to go to the v-e-t, we hope it goes okay!

  7. Hi Gemini! Your dad shoulda fed you sardines like your mom told him to. He didn’t do his job and we hope he gets severely reprimanded for that. We hope your teefs are okay…we went to the v-e-t yesterday, and that was not much fun at all!!

  8. Gemini, we are happy your Mom is home…no kitty should have to NOT be hand fed sardines…HEY! WE aren’t hand fed sardines…


  9. I’ll bet you are happy Mom is home, order some sardines quickly!

  10. Gemini
    I can come ofur and find dem fishies and paw feed yoo.
    OR I can juss keep Ichiro from yur foods!
    My dear sweet Gemini did not fair well while Mom was away.

    your boyfriendcat

  11. Daddy’s are like that — they never do things the way Mommies do. It’s kind of laissez-faire! At least you’re eating, Gemini, and that’s good.

    It would serve Ichiro right if he became a show cat! He couldn’t run around all over the place then — he’d be in a cage for most of the show. And you and Chey would have peace.

  12. We hope your momma told your dad off for not sitting on the floor and hand feeding you your sardines. Our dad doesn’t do it right either. He just chucks our food in our dishes when he knows it should be mushed up a bit and then nicely levelled out.

  13. yur so khute Gemini. we hope yoo gotted spoilt wiff sardines by yur momma.

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