Tabby Tuesday

I think this is a nice profile of me.   Momma is going to call to set up a veterinary appointment for me when she gets back next week. I have been “too finicky” according to her. I do not know what that is.  I have a new food that I like. I think I should be able to eat it, don’t you?  Just that and nothing else.  Why does she insist that I eat what she puts in my dish rather than what I want?  And why doesn’t she know what I want?

It is hard to train a person.

Last night Cheysuli kept everyone up. Momma put Ichiro out and I was still snoozing. Chey was too but as soon as the door closed she got up and started moving about.   She would not let Momma catch her and she wouldn’t leave when the door was open but she kept making noise so that she woke everyone up.   Daddy was not very happy.  He even got mad at me when I woke them up a few minutes before the alarm went off.  I think I am much better to wake up to than Stephanie Miller.


  1. We totally agree with your statement “It is hard to train human”!!
    Still, you need those protein to continue training ’em! So let’s eat up!!

  2. Humans are such freaks about food. I totally don’t get it. Like, I prefer eating just a little bit, oh, seven or eight times a day – it is too much to ask for a fresh can of food each time?

  3. Gemini, so long as you are willing to EAT one type of food, I don’t think you should have to go to the vet. I don’t think they make any antifinicky medicines.

  4. Training a human is a near impossibility, at least in some ways!

    We’re all pretty finicky eaters, so hope it’s just your way, that nothing else is going on. If you’re simply not eating enough, your mom can always discuss an appetite stimulant (one or two doses, as they last for 3 days in the system).

  5. Of course you should be able to eat your favorite food, silly humans!

  6. Sounds like yoor hoomans need detention followed by re-training. Pronto!

  7. You should be able to eat what you want when you want it….AND be appreciated for being such a cute alarm.

  8. Hi everyone! We are so sorry that we haven’t visited in so long. Gemini, great profile pictures. We hope that you all have a great day!

  9. We WISH we could be finicky. Here it’s “Eat or Else”.

    Our Mommy is an ogre.

  10. Training humans is very hard. It’s always an ongoing process

  11. Hmphh! Sounds like our mum has been taking lessons from KL’s mum. We try to be finicky and mum says ‘Eat it or go hungry!’ We hope everything is all right when you go to the vet.

  12. We feel for you! You should get to eat what you want when you want. That is not hard to understand!

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi and Tiger Lily

  13. Gemini, we like your profile picture. We don’t understand why you just can’t eat the new food that you like? What is it with humans? They always want us to conform to their ways.

  14. Oh dear oh dear I shall worry myself silly until you get to the Vet and have a 100% clean bill of health…But Gemini I think you should have what you want and only what you want!

    ? ? ?
    ? ? ?
    your boyfriendcat

  15. Your Mom just has to learn that cats want what they want, when they want it, and that’s it!

    Boy, you all sound like you had a restless night.

  16. Hey Chey, you and Toy are pro’s when it comes to getting attention from the humans. Toy not only yells, he is a marathon door scratchier too! We all play in the family/dinning/kitchen/laundry rooms at night while the human sleep. There is a metal door on the kitchen that Mom sprays with smelly stuff so Toy will leave it alone. Teak and I (Tang), sleep in Grammom’s room ’cause we are good kitties=^Y^=
    Gemini, please eat better, we are purrin’ for ya sweety=^Y^=

  17. What can we say Gemini.beans are weird!!!!
    There is no understanding them.
    The male should be grateful that you are such a purrfect alarm
    Surely it IS better to wake up to your kitty voice 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. yes, we cats lile our foods to be to our approval!
    if mom changes up our kibble we are okay with it, but there is ONE brand we wont touch. forget about it. but any stinky goodness will do.

    we always wake daddy right before the alarm screams. hey, we are intuitive by nature. we KNOW before humans and technology WHEN it is time to get up !

  19. oooh the VET. The evil place of torture and doom. I hope you don’t have to go…
    I am finicky too Missie Gemini.
    I believe it is your duty to wake the beans in the morning.

    bonks to all of you

  20. it is hard to train humans. Plus we agree we should be able to eat what we like best,

  21. I agree, training a human is hard. So you found a food you like more than anything else. I think my human would live on ice cream and pretzels if she could. We kitties have that choice. I hope you have a successful VET appnt. Want me to send Bendrix along? He is always a hoot at the VET…

  22. Oh Gemini, we get finicky alla time. What we loved last month is not THIS month’s favrit! That’s The Big Thing’s problem. No reason ta go to the vet; next month we will love it just fine.

  23. It sounds like yer woman suks. And it’s a GOOD thing yoo don’t eat to much. One blimp in the house is enuf. Yoo don’t wunt the floorbords caving in.

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