Tabby Tuesday

I don’t know.  I think I am still bigger than you are.

Momma was very worried about me the other day. I have acted a little bit weird. I do not eat a whole lot you know because I am really a very tiny cat under all my floof.   Anyway I have been hiding at times I do not hide and not hiding at others.  When I first started hiding more she was worried about me.

But she reminds me how good of a cat I am. Sometimes after Ichiro gets woken up and starts prancing around and she kicks him out, I come up on the bed and snooze until five minutes before the alarm and then I wake her up.   It is always between five and ten minutes before the alarm that I come up to her.  I like to think of myself as the Gemini alarm.  She would be really worried if I did not do that.


  1. Binga thinks she is good at this too. Except that she has been known to wake up my human an hour or two before the alarm goes off.

    I hope you are okay, Gemini! Let us know if you start feeling any worse!

  2. Maybe you feel a little neglected? A few extra cuddles at dawn may help…

  3. We don’t like to think of you hiding, Gemini, so we are crossing our paws that you are A-OK!

    The Chans

  4. Gemini, we think you are still adjusting to having Ichiro around. That can make you act differently. We hope you are okay.

  5. we hopes it’s just a little winter funk

  6. We hope you’re okay health-wise, Gemini. Maybe you just a bit of extra attention? We hope that’s all it is!

  7. Maybe you just need Ichiro to leave you alone. We think you are very good for being a furry alarm clock for your mom.

  8. That is very good alarm clock work, Gemini, being so accurate. Don’t let Ichiro put you off, though it must be a concern for you that he is getting so big. Maybe when his kittenishness wears off, you two floofmeisters can snuggle together more.

  9. Gemini, we think it’s great you get private snuggles in the morning. Mommy tries to spend a little time with all of us throughout the day, too.
    BUT…Ichiro is looking pretty dang big these days!

  10. You are very good at that alarm job Gemini! Our Dad and Mom have a Gracie alarm here!

  11. Tiny or not, you still rule, Gemini! Like my little Domino — she’s the smallest, but has the upper paw.

  12. Mommy sez yoo must be a grate alarm. She does not like her Gree alarm a whole lot sumtimes cuz it goes off at random times she sez. (Silly Mommy, da alarm goes off if tha food bowl gets empty!)
    *wave paws to Chey n Itchyro too*
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  13. Oh Miss Gemini
    I think you are like our tiny dynamo Abby, who also rules us with her velvet paw. Small but mighty! I hope you do not feel neglected, if so I must act and come and comfort you and hold your paws.

    your boyfriendcat

  14. You are a very good alarm Gemini. We like to bladder walk an hour before mum has to get up just to make sure she is awake in plenty of time.

  15. Mom says she would love to have you as her alarm rather than me. All I do us paw at her face and meow very loudly until she gives up and gets up.


  16. Mom says she would love to have you as her alarm rather than me. All I do is paw at her face and meow very loudly until she gives up and gets up.


  17. Kittie alarms are so much better than noisy clock ones. You do a good job Gemini.

  18. thats a grate way ta wake up.

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