Tabby Tuesday

Momma has some new photos of me but she has not taken them off the camera yet.  How dare she?!  So this is an old one of me watching Ichiro chase Cheysuli.

There will be some changes around our house. Momma will no longer be doing acupuncture regularly but only doing fill in work (and she already has some of that scheduled).  Also, she will be expanding her webhosting and website consulting (she says consulting is the appropriate word, although it does make her sound like a designer, which she is not–she just tells people about the type of designer/creator they might want or if the person might want to do it all themselves with just a little help from a friend…).  We will get links there are as she will be putting down some of her information for free and some of your families might be interested in it, especially because she will be talking about the different places that help artists market their art.

We will also be focusing more on our photography, so I guess I better get my furs in shape!  And I guess that means no excuses to not have good photos of me up there!

At any rate, if you can’t get to us this weekend some time it may be cause we are being moved online.  Usually the web moves fast but if you can’t quite find us for a day or so that is why. Do not worry we haven’t left–we are just off fighting the borg.  And maybe Windows 3.  We will prevail!


  1. Windows 3? Sounds like your mom has made some decisions as to how to proceed. We hope all goes smoothly. You obviously have a multi-talented mom.

  2. We arent quite sure what the changes mean. But if it means we won’t be knowing as much about what you and Gemini and Ichiro are doing, that would be sad.

    It is time for us to add a few new kitty bogs and it means we have to drop just that many to stay at 100. That is the limit that we are allowed. The Big Thing will not allow us a single one more ta visit.

    We have decided (hard choices) on 3 ta add. Its the 3 we have to drop that is hardest…

  3. It sounds like your human has some very positive changes planned, Gemini! Of course, the fact that she has not gotten your recent photos off her camera nullifies all of that…

  4. Your Mom seems to have a plan! We hope things workout okay and you aren’t gone for long.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. You’re all going to be very busy this year! Good luck with the on-line move. We hope Mr. Murphy and his silly law doesn’t pay a visit! 😛

  6. Wow! Your mom is gonna be busy! We hope she will still have time for all of you!!

    (our mom says she’s gonna contact your mom about some of this web stuff…maybe she can help us with some issues we are having…)

  7. Thank goodness you warned us Gemini as we would have been looking for you everywhere! We hope the various transitions are smooth! And that there will be lots more photos!!!

    The Chans

  8. Oh, sounds like a REALLY interesting version of Find Chey…and all of you!

    We are purring that all of the changes are happy ones!

    xoxo Cory and family

  9. Gemini, we enjoyed the happy look on your face today (!!!). Our Mommy is comtemplating a blog overhaul and we may be off line for a day or two also (in the future). We’ll see you all when you get back!

  10. So you may be having a “Find all of us Friday” this week then. Good luck with the online move and to your mum’s website hosting.

  11. Oh look at your sweet face! Gemini – I can’t wait to see more photos of your sweet self!

  12. Sounds like y’all are going to be pretty busy for a while sweet Gemini! I know you will keep us in the loop!

  13. Wow! Exciting changes… And I understand about pictures just sitting on the camera. Dad finally uploaded about 50 to Flickr last night so we can use them on the blog.

  14. Glad to know your news, so we won’t be worried. What beautiful ear tufts you have, by the way….

  15. THE BORG?! Those guys are really creepy, my wee Tabby-ette.!

  16. That all sounds very exciting Gemini! Especially the part about having your Mom around a lot more.

    And we can’t wait to see all the new photos of you (and Chey and Ichiro)!

  17. {Gemini}
    I cannot bear to think I will not see you.
    I hope your changes will go seamlessly because I do not know what I will do…

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Gemini, that looks says “Better thee than me!”

  19. Happy Tuesday Missie Gemini!
    this is a very nice “old” picture of you and we like it!


  20. Oh Bast yer mom is keepin super duper busy! We hope yoo all gets sum cuddle time in.

  21. beins are bery bad abowt pics. dont they know owr beyooty must be shart.

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