Tabby Tuesday

Momma caught me reading blogs on my Dad’s computer.  You can tell by the pencils in the background and the darker wood.  Momma’s desk is lower and doesn’t have things like that on it.

Momma still thinks I might be loosing weight.  I like to eat. She looked at my teeth and saw that there is some redness by the gum line so she thinks maybe they are hurting me.  She needs to save up some green papers to take me in.  In the meantime, she is feeding me extra soft foods.   My favorite is skinless, boneless sardines in water!   I had a whole sardine and a half.  Chey had the other half.  Momma thinks that I will go through a tin in two or three days at this rate but should help keep some extra weight on me.   Ichiro eats so fast and so much of the soft food she thinks that is why she has noticed things so quickly.

She hasn’t liked the way my furs feel either.  She thinks they are dry.  She thinks that the sardines should help that a lot too so she is glad about that.  I don’t care really.  I like my sardines!


  1. Sardines rule! My human had some the other day and she shared them with me! I hope you feel better soon, Gemini!

  2. I hope you check out fine at the vet, Miss Gemini. Eat all the sardines you can … they are yummy and good for you!

  3. Ugh. Maw doesn’t like the smell of sardines too much. But that’s fine if you want to eat them Gemini! Anything to help your fur and your weight!

    Luf, Us

  4. Ayla and Iza says:

    We aren’t into fishies. Poultry is what we love. But enjoy…

  5. Gemini, if sardines work then fill up!!
    We just want you to be healthy 🙂
    Now you can go back to reading blogs on your Dad’s computer 😉
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  6. We’re glad you’re enjoying your sardines, Gemini. It’s important to keep your weight stable, especially in the winter!

  7. Wow, if losing weight means getting sardines, maybe we should lose some too…no, we’re just kidding…but we hope you can put some weight back on, Gemini!!

  8. We’ve never had sardines! We hope they help you gain some weight and get a nice, shiny coat again.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Hmm, maybe the mom should see if Annie wants some sardines! We hope they help your coat and increase your weight, Gemini!

  10. P.S. How old are you? Sorry, the mom doesn’t remember. Have you been tested for hyper-thyroidism? Annie was diagnosed last year at 9 years of age, which is younger by several years than the average. Just a thought.

  11. Miss Gemini
    I will have to go and get you a boat full of sardines!
    I am definitely purring for you my beautiful little puffalo.

    Your boyfriendcat

  12. I’ve never had sardines, but they sound darn good! I hope you are feeling okay sweet one!

  13. We like sardines too! Especially Mommy! Gemini, kitten food has extra calories in it, and the kibbles are smaller. Maybe you could try those, too.

  14. We will have to ask Mom to get us a can of sardines the next time she goes to the store. She hasn’t had them in ages. We hear they are very stinky.

  15. I’m sorry if you’re not feeling up to snuff, Gemini! What a lucky girl you are to get real sardines.

    If you have some gingivitis, though, apparently it’s good to eat hard food to help clean your teeth. Dante had bad gingivitis when he was younger, and the vet prescribed some Dental Health kibble (for Maine Coons) — but there should be some for other types of kitties, too.

  16. We have never had sardines, but the kitty called Marmi that mum and dad had when they were first married liked sadines in tomato sauce. He would lick all the tomato sauce off and leave the sardines.

  17. Gemini, I hope you had sunshine today and a peaceful nap in a cozy spot – with your tummy full of sardines!!


  18. Fishy!

  19. We’re buying dental chew tomorrow for Target’s teeth. We’ll tell you if it works, OK? Eat well little Gemini!

  20. My mom was worried about my weight recently, too. However, she stepped on the scales (she freaked out!) and then picked me up and I appeared to weigh fine. Mom thinks I’m not eating as much, but when she puts the stinky goodness on her fingers, I eat it all up. She now thinks maybe my joints are bothering me to reach down to eat. She is also saving up green papers (after paying her car taxes this month) to get me to the vet for a checkup.

    Keep eating, Gemini!

  21. Milo has similar problems and mom gives him one capsule of evening primrose oil in his food each day (she breaks it open and pours the content in, then mixes it). It has helped .

  22. I never tried a sardine, but it’s good that you ate some. Do you like cottage cheese? I do!


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