Sunday Guest Star: Ping

Ping got the best answer for where I was, ”

Wow we had to find the answer so we went back to your April 4,2008 post where you wrote:
“First, where am I really? No one got it. This is an old abandoned building that was worked with the concrete towers here in the town called Concrete. It is abandoned and is part of the park behind the concrete silos that are the welcome sign. In fact it is a bit behind them and off to the right–just out of camera range.”

We enjoyed going back and looking at your old posts and seeing Miss Georgia…and so many old friends, some who have left us…it was nice to reminisce.

Hellloo gorgeous Miss Gemini — I loved seeing all your photos!

your boyfriendcat

We will correct and say the Sunday Guest Star was April 26 and the Find Chey April 24th.

Looking back at that, we saw that some of the people who don’t usually guess were there! Our dear Prinnie (now and angel) Karen Jo and Bobbie and the Bunch, Zevo and Yaffa and Sebastian were all original Find Chey Friday winners! Notice it was Karen Jo, pre-Herman days too!  You can see the original Sunday Guest star from Find Chey here.

We notice we lost some of the early comments on the last post, but we got a few!  We are thrilled that finally we are done with the whole transfer thing.  The Woman is just working out getting credited for time not used on the old hosting account over at the new one.


  1. I didn’t even get a chance to guess this week. My mom was pretty busy her first week back at work.

  2. ConCats to Ping and to your Mom for getting the transfer done!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Yay! It’s always a relief when a hosting move is finished and successful. My human has done a few, mine included.

  4. Concats to Ping. Very good about the blog move. My human would have no idea baout how to do a thing like that.

  5. Congrats to Ping!!

  6. Ping is always very smart!! I’m glad your blog move was a good one!

  7. We love handsome, smart Ping and think he and gorgeous Gemini make a beautiful couple!…Happy week ahead, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Ping is so, so pretty! Love that coat.
    We sure do miss our little Georgia, she was very special. Her brofur, Napoleon is about 19 and still with us!
    Happy Sunday to you,
    ~ The Bunch

  9. Concats to Ping. We went back and found the post but the comments had disappeared. We should have thought to go to the the Sunday Guest Star for that post.

  10. Glad you’re all moved. Moving is hard work. For the humans. We get to snoopervise.

  11. 🙂
    I am so happy!
    Hellllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  12. We know moving is hard, glad it is done. We saw a little bit of the end of the Seahawks game and was surprised that they beat the Breezy boy.

  13. Shiny Ping,
    Like a golden cat!!

  14. YAY Ping!! We’ve never gotten a right answer yet (MOL!!) but we love to guess!!

    Have a great night!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  15. Great werk Ping! We went back too far to look for the first Find Chey Day. And gave up…

  16. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” becomes part of our post? That’s weerd.

    Don’t worry, we are sure it was some glitch… MOL!

  17. No it isnt a glitch…

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