Sunday Guest Star: ‘Kaika

Well it was a fun place to hang out with Skeezix.  ‘Kaika found us (he must be a shopper too!).  He said, “Are you at the Portland Saturday Market? I would guess you got her some Meezer earrings…”  And then he came back and said, “Or maybe you are at a Mostly Cats shop. The human thinks it might be in Vancouver, WA.”

He was right on both counts.   The Mostly Cats has a booth at Saturday Market.   There was a lovely couple there at the Market who just laughed and laughed about the Woman taking photos with the flat cats.  Alas, they told her they did not have a web presence.  However, she has one person on Facebook who love the earrings and one person here who wants a pair.  She’d love another pair so I think she will be calling the Woman as she has a phone number and will talk to her about the earrings.  If you are in love, the Woman says hers were $16/pair.  She’d have to ship and isn’t sure how much that is.  If you like them, in the comments let us know your favorite colors and what shape you hope for and when she calls, she will see about what she can order.   She’ll let everyone know what she finds out on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. She’ll be down in Portland helping Purrfect Pals find homes for shelter cats at the cat show at the Portland Airport Holiday Inn.

We also asked cats to guess which pair and Mickey got it, “Well, we don’t know where you are but we will guess on the earrings ;)2nd row 1st on the left :) Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie”  And also said, “We thought at first it was top row,middle”  The top middle was one of the ones the woman loved–and the black and white cats with the red bow tie too!  The Male choose the copper, cream and purple ones for her, and she loves them.

‘Kaika said he heard about the earrings, “The human saw an article about the earrings, she thinks it was on Modern Cat website. She remembers them because they look so much like Laurel Burch. By the way, did you and Skeez get a pair for yourselves?”.  We looked on Modern Cat and couldn’t find the earrings but who knows?  Perhaps a different site had it.  We hope we can find the article sometime ( was not good to us in searching).

We think these were delightful people and would love to help them sell more of these absolutely gorgeous earrings.


  1. Great ID Kaika! And lots of great earrings to choose from too…

  2. Congratulations to Kaika. The earrings are all gorgeous.

  3. Concats to ‘Kaika and to Mickey. That will be really great if you can help them to sell more of their earrings. Always good to help other artists out. I think they at leats need an Etsy site.

  4. Congrats to ‘Kaika! Those earrings are beautiful!!

  5. Concats to ‘Kaika. The earrings are lovely.

  6. ConCatulations to Kaika.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Way to go Kaika!!!!!!!!
    We thought the top row,middle as they looked most meezer like.
    However,copper,cream &purple sounds pawsome.Mom loves purple 😉
    Those earrings look really nice too!! Mom likes them.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. Those earrings are wonderful! And the people at the market sounds awesome too! It must be a fun place to go!

  9. I am so enjoyng my day with Gracie visiting with her and meeting some of her friends. I want to thank you for the anniversary wishes your left for the dad and me the other day. That was so nice of you.

  10. Hooray Kaika, ya done good!

  11. congrats and lovely earrings!!!!! and yes chey.. of course you will have your own show. i believe the sponsers will be those nice honey baked ham folks….. xoxoxox
    what do you want to call it?

  12. There’s an all cat stuff store in Myrtle Beach, SC. My mom goes there everytime she goes there. She just loved all of those earrings. congrats to Kaika!

  13. Good going Kaika!

    Hellooooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini

    Your boyfriendcat

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