Sunday Guest Star: Cory

After only a few minutes, Simba knew I was in Portland and Cory immediately came by saying, “Oh…you are at Rock Bottom in Portland Oregon…meet you there in 5…” Apparently her mom likes to drink er eat lunch (yeah right) there regularly so Cory recognized it.    As Cory said, “I waved down Simba…he was circling the block. Good thing mom has had drinks, I mean lunch there many times.  Funny blog trivia…one day when my mom was walking to drinks…uh…I mean lunch with her co-workers at Rock Bottom downtown, she saw Bogart (of To Aire is Divine fame) and his momma Lulu on a walkie…and Bogart kissed my mom! That was before Bogart moved to Philadephia.”

But you know, it’s a great place to have rung in the New Year!

Cory is apparently not the only cat to have a human who perhaps frequents bars a little too much. Sparkle said, “I bet Cory has got it! I don’t frequent bars myself… that is my human’s job. Well, not her job exactly…”  Camie’s Kitties also knew where I was hanging.


  1. Oh well, just cuz TBT dint know THAT bar, doesnt mean he doesnt know how to drink. You should see the wine cooler.

    Oh wait, are we in trubble for mentionin that? We meant ta say he is pure as the driven snow an would never touch the stuff. Or something like that…

    Oh Bast…

    Well, Happy Happy 2011 New Year’s Day!

  2. Heh. Yeah, you should have seen my human lunge for the bottle of Moet at the New Year’s Eve party she was at. Well, actually I didn’t see it either, but I wish I had.

  3. You’d never catch me imbibing an alcoholic drink, oh no, never, not no how. Ahem, ‘scuse me, I seem to have a frog in my throat…

    Happy New Year to you guys! I hope this year brings you all you could wish for (except, Chey, getting rid of Ichiro and The Man, lol!). :)xxx

  4. Congratulations to Cory and the others who got it. I was all set to guess somewhere in California, since you were with Skeezix.

  5. Gee our Mom is known to hit the bottle… we mean enjoy a nice lunch out sometimes, but we still didn’t know.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Cory is a smart cookie. She knows everything. Happy New Year! Have you manage to give away Ichiro and the Male yet?

  7. Concats to Cory. Sounds like it is a good place for ‘lunch’.

  8. Congrats to Cory!!

  9. You certianly get around more than anyone that I know. Head on over to my place and hang out if you are ever in the area, ha, ha, ha. Would be lots of fun!!
    Wishing you all at your place a wonderful new year filled with fun, happiness, good friends, and good health!

  10. My mom is now denying everything…she can’t fool me!

    Purrs, Cory

  11. When Momma was young and foolish and still worked in the corporate world, liquid lunch happened. Occasionally. It was a job prerequisite. srsly.

  12. Is Friday lunchtime over yet? Can somebody help me to my feets?

  13. Good going Cory!

    Hellllllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  14. Smart, very smart! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a NipTini every once in a while!

  15. What’s wrong with bars?????

  16. Wuz skeezix havin sum mudderz milk?

  17. We are glad some cat finds you each week Chey. We just don’t know where you are anymore, mum probably doesn’t hang out in enough bars. She drinks at home.

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