Mini Mancat Meezer Monday

I am glaring at that ball there. I attacked it good.   Now it is gone.  I do not know where. Neither does anyone else.   I wish it were here. It was a fun toy to kill.

This photo is almost a month old. I am much bigger now.  In fact, soon I shall not be so mini at all!

Cheysuli has started licking my head.  I let her do that before I try and sit on hers now.

I like all the changes around.   My mom is going to be home more, so I can sit on her keyboard and turn my back on her.  Sometimes I can sit on her lap.   I even shared the lap with Cheysuli the other day.   I am a nice cat.   I think so is she–even if she won’t admit it.


  1. You are growing up to be a very handsome mancat… I hope Chey did not hear that.

  2. Chey is coming round, huh? Excellent. What about G?

  3. You need yer Bein ta get that electronic squeaky mouse from Petco. It is AMAZIN! It will keep ya busy fer HOURS!

  4. Well, Mr not so mini ManCat, do you want to come and do some spywork with me?

  5. Ichiro, yoo are growing up to be a realy gorjuss cat. AND we think Chey is warming to yoo!

  6. We think Chey is warming up to you too! BTW, have you found your ball? Under the couch/stove/fridge/bookcase/entertainment unit? 😀

  7. We wonder where that ball went to, Ichiro…we hope you find it again. And how nice that Chey is licking your head…you must taste like ham.

  8. Those fuzzy balls are Harley’s favorite toy of all time! They do tend to go missing though.

  9. We just knew Chey would give in to your mini Mancat charms eventually!

  10. hahaha! Chey is licking your head! That is pawsome!

    Don’t tell her I said that.

    If your fun toy is gone, I believe it’s your mom’s duty to get you another one.

  11. so, Chey is licking you? be careful – she might be TASTING you

  12. Imagine that, you two actually sharing and getting along!!! Who woulda thunk it!

  13. Clearly the ball is afraid of you and is hiding!

  14. Chey! Maybe all hope is not lost!

    Yes, Ichiro! You are a nice kitty……

  15. Have you checked under the fridge?
    Soon you might be the biggest!

  16. ::Gasp!!!:: You shared a lap?

  17. Do you think Chey hid your ball?

  18. Ichiro yoo has gotten bigger.

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