Flashback Find Chey Friday

If I am going to go back and look at my previous Sunday Guest Stars and see whose won a lot, I figured we should flash back to the first Find Chey Friday. How many of you were around? And do you know how long ago it was?!Where is this building?

I have decided to change Feature Friday to a Find Cheysuli Friday. The most intriguing and most correct comments will be how we choose our Sunday Guest Star but we decided to have some fun with photoshop. So here are the new rules:

We will choose our Sunday Guest Star from Friday’s comments. The most correct comment and/or the most intriguing comment will be our Guest Star (s). We can pick more than one winner if we like more than one. In general we will try and pick winners from different categories–like the funniest, the oddest, and the most correct if we do pick more than one winner. In the case of a tie, the first person with the winning answer will be the Guest Star.

You may be wondering what the most correct answer is. Well say we have a photo with Cheysuli and the Space Needle. Everyone knows it’s in the US so that’s correct. Washington State is better and Seattle is better still. Cats who know Seattle may even be able to give me the correct street address. Cats who are observant may notice that Cheysuli is on the observation deck. Be careful though when guessing that exactly–is Chey really on the observation deck or is she peaking out the window from a nice meal at the restaurant?

Should you not recognize where she is, well, you are welcome to offer an observation or guess–like she’s being abducted by quilting aliens or some such thing (we expect this from Miles Meezer but we want to know this is a fair play!)

We may ask cats around the blogosphere if we can use some photos of their favorite places around their homes so don’t assume that Cheysuli is always in Washington–she may have gone visiting!

So those are the rules. Now I expect you all to eagerly begin guessing. We will be making these photos larger so if you click on them, you should get a larger sized image if you need to look at things more closely.

Let the games begin–where am I here?! Oh no–the answer is not in a rock sign. I want to know as specifically as possible what town I’m in or building I am in front of!




  1. Wow we had to find the answer so we went back to your April 4,2008 post where you wrote:
    “First, where am I really? No one got it. This is an old abandoned building that was worked with the concrete towers here in the town called Concrete. It is abandoned and is part of the park behind the concrete silos that are the welcome sign. In fact it is a bit behind them and off to the right–just out of camera range.”

    We enjoyed going back and looking at your old posts and seeing Miss Georgia…and so many old friends, some who have left us…it was nice to reminisce.

    Hellloo gorgeous Miss Gemini — I loved seeing all your photos!

    your boyfriendcat

  2. We hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Goodness, I see Ping has thoroughly research where you are. We think you are chiseled on the rock.

  4. Well hell, It’s the Alamo! That building is unmistakable…

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