Find Chey Friday

One of the things Skeezix and I did while we traveled was go shopping.   Can you guess where we were shopping here?  Oh and can you guess which earrings I picked out to give the Woman for Christmas?

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  1. Love those earrings! They’re not Beaded Tail’s work; so now we’re dead curious. Do tell. And do they ship overseas?

  2. Are you at the Portland Saturday Market? I would guess you got her some Meezer earrings…

  3. Or maybe you are at a Mostly Cats shop. The human thinks it might be in Vancouver, WA.

  4. Were you in a Laurel Burch store? Do they even have stores for her work?

  5. Those dangly earrings would be fun to play with!! Oh yeah…we don’t know where you are….

  6. Jewelry devoted to cats is very nice indeed! You couldn’t go wrong no matter what you chose. Wherever this place is, we wish it were closer to where we live.

  7. Mom says it’s best we not know where you are as she would be losing some serious green papers to that store.

  8. Well, as usual, we don’t know where you are, but I must say, you & Skeez have excellent taste in jewelry. I’m not an expert on earrings, but Tipper & Misty think those ones in the second row center are nice.


  9. You are where you should be! Have a great weekend!!!

  10. As usual ‘Kaika you are brilliant. How did you get the shop name? Did it really show up that clearly or do you have some sort of photo enhancer (or do you secretly know the people at Mostly Cats?)!

    So, which pair did I choose. George got the right row…

  11. Clearly it is the cat earring store. Whatever you fashonista cats do with earrings, we don’t know. We prefer to go just natural.

  12. The human saw an article about the earrings, she thinks it was on Modern Cat website. She remembers them because they look so much like Laurel Burch. By the way, did you and Skeez get a pair for yourselves?

  13. you are at a gypsy convenshun hawking your wares. in the evening your papa would preach a little gospel and sell a couple bottles of Dr Good.

  14. Oh Mom would go bananas in a mostly cat store.
    It would not be safe to leave her alone in a store like that.

    Helllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Those earrings are all pretty but we didn’t know what or where the shop was.

  16. Well, we don’t know where you are but we will guess on the earrings 😉
    2nd row 1st on the left 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. We thought at first it was top row,middle 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Did you all look for the most meezerish earrings? Yes you are right. First on the left middle row… :)!

  19. Hope you have pocketfuls of green papers today. Have fun shopping.

  20. We keep fergettin we gotta stay up late “Thursday Night” to have a chance at Find Chey Friday… MOL!

  21. I am sure you picked the pink cats!

  22. I missed coming to your blog yesterday, so I can read the comments and know where you are. Great find, ‘Kaika! What a great store! Did you and Skeezix buy something for yourselves? Did they have fancy collars or anything like that?

  23. Happy weekend, furiends!

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