Wild Wednesday

I am not pleased. I have just been informed that this our last post until Monday and guess who does not get their own photo this week? I have to share one with the other two cats!

Apparently the Male (I should have known it would be his fault) has family who will be staying with us today and tomorrow and on Friday the Male and the Woman are going to Portland.   The Male has an Aunt who will be there and he hasn’t seen her in years.  They will spend Saturday with her.   However, the Woman was smart and she is meeting all kinds of friends in Portland.   I shall have to send an old sock to Cory! She is meeting Cory’s family for dinner on Sunday evening.  I can only hope the Male dislikes his meal heartily for bringing such disagreeableness upon me.

At any rate, you are left with a photo of all of us.   Do you like our new cat tree in the background (towards the right).


  1. Your new cat tree looks cool! Not so cool is all the trouble your humans are causing by going away and leaving you guys without internet. What’s wrong with them? Do they think you will steal their credit card number and run up a huge charge at PetCo or something?

  2. We noticed the cat tree straight away ~ it’s awesome. So no “Where’s Chey Friday”? We feel deprived. We were gonna guess “Portland” ‘cos we thort yoo might be checking up on yoor mom.

  3. What a pawsome new cat tree!

  4. Chey, we think you should stage a protest!! Things are getting quite unfair around your house…now you hafta share a photo with those other cats?? And no Find Chey Friday?? What about us in the Cat Blogosphere who look forward to finding you every week??

    We think it’s cool that the woman gets to meet up with Cory and her family, though.

  5. Who is planning to make a move first? I can see you three are carefully spaced away from each other.

    NO FIND CHEY FRIDAY? What is the world coming to?

  6. We think it’s very exciting that The Woman gets to have dinner with Cory’s humans. Wow!

    And we think the new cat tree is fabulous!

    We’re sorry you won’t be around for the rest of the week, though. We hope you get extra treats and/or new toys to make up for this.

  7. It’s a very cool photo! The first time I’ve seen all three of you together. Too bad we can’t see your sweet face, though, Chey! I guess you were so miffed you turned your back on the camera.

    And yes, fantastic new cat tree with spots for all of you!

  8. wait, what? no find chey friday? nooooooooooooooooooo

  9. No Chey Friday????? Lufferly cat tree.

    Thank you for your kind words about Gatsbi’s passing. She will be missed.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  10. You do suffer, don’t you?

    That new cat tree, on the other hand, does look rather interesting…

  11. Oh no, I really won’t know where you are on Friday! Love the cat tree, way cool!

  12. Yes, I like your cat tree. What will we do without Find Chey Friday?

  13. … and stairs. They would make for an interesting chase at buz-zillion mph.

  14. Oh, that is a neat-o tree! But how are we going to Find You on Friday?

  15. I like this picture of the three of you Chey!
    You three look like you are sort of getting along…. I don’t see any blood on the carpet.
    I hope you kitties survive the boredom


  16. Some climb the ladder but looks like you’re being shoved downwards. I agree with the others, it’s time to protest! After the beans come back; no use spoiling their holiday.

  17. Oh dear oh dear Miss Gemini I shall miss you the next few days.
    But I am so glad that I got to see an extra picture of you today.

    your boyfriendcat

  18. That is a lovely new cat tree. At least you can stay warm and dry on Friday with no fears of getting lost.

  19. No find Chey Friday? Hey…..if you’re at home we’ll finally know where you are!!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. It seems like there is something in the air or water or whatever. Lots of humans have been deserting their kitties lately to go off joyriding on their own.
    What happens? We sit at home, lonely, thinking of ways to get back at them when they return. A good pee in the suitcase is always a hit.
    Love the cat tree! We’ve never had one, even a short one, but we have lots of windows with couches & chairs to perch on to see outside!

  21. My mom has been chattering about having dinner with your humans…but what good is that? Why won’t there be a dinner with Chey, Gemini, Ichiro and all us kitties? There is something sick and wrong about this. I’m beggining to wonder if even my flat self will be allowed to attend…sigh.

  22. Tell us about sharing! Cool new cat tree.

  23. were sorry yur beans wont be postin and iz goin owt of town. buuuut yoo hafe that grate cat tree thar annnnd also, those stairs luk prime fur whapping benas on tha head as they walk past. we hafe a 1 story howse but one tyme on baycayshun owr townhowse wuz a 2 story and we sat on tha wall as they came up and whapped all tha tyme. it wuz grate fun.

  24. WHAT???????????????
    No Chey fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, we hope you at least have fun on that cool tree 😉

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. We really like seeing all of you in one frame! Chey, Ichiro is getting BIG…just sayin’!

  26. I see you’re keeping a safe distance from Ichiro.

  27. Chey, we aren’t pleased with your unfortunate situation either, but we are so happy you have that wonderful new cat tree! We are still trying to talk Momma and Daddy into getting or making one for us, since Daddy thinks he is so handy … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  28. That is a great picture of all of you! The cat tree looks very interesting.
    At least we don’t have to have a wrong guess (we never guess it right) about where you were Friday.. We see you at home!!
    ~ The Bunch

  29. Well, at least all of us know where you are. The cat tree looks great.

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