Whoops Wednesday

Wow!  I totally wasn’t prepared to do a post today but with Cheysuli on suspension I guess I needed to.   This is not my best side.

I am not sure what’s up about this catnip giving.  Gemini gives catnip to Ping.  Maybe it is because these people are not Cheysuli’s boyfriend cats?  I don’t know.  At any rate, if we don’t get her back, Gemini will have to be lost on Friday and she is not thrilled about that.  I hope you will sign our petition to get Cheysuli back!  (Umm we don’t care if you just make up an email really.  So long as it gets signed!)



  1. I hope this helps Chey get released.

  2. Well, Gemini could get lost too, in special suitable places…

  3. Ichiro, you are are adorable…but….

    We want Chey
    We want Chey
    We want Chey



  4. Pixel and Samba says:

    We signed and so did our mom

  5. We seem to have missed some posts… checking!

  6. We want Chey back! We miss her!
    Your TX furiends,!

  7. No Chesuli, No Peace! Free Chey!

  8. OMC, this is turning into an international incident!

  9. Wow, Ichiro, that is one cute butt and tail! We love your floof and Gemini’s too, but we need our Chey too!

  10. You are very cute Ichiro. We didn’t realise how floofy you are.
    We have both signed the petition for Chey.

  11. We did our bit for our dear friend Chey!

  12. We signed! 🙂

    And we loved your photo, Ichiro!

  13. Ichiro, we don’t mind seeing you! But Chey must be reinstated!!

  14. We want Chey, we want Chey, we want Chey – we have been waving placards on our road and getting any passing cats to sign it with a cross!!



    FREE CHEY NOW!!!!!!!

  16. 35 signatures. We are getting close to putting that cat back to work.


  17. Bring back Chey!

  18. We need our Chey!


  20. 42… almost half way. Will we make it for Find Chey Friday? Tell your friends and your humans!

  21. Perhaps the catnip was actually misplaced and not given away. That makes more sense than an unauthorized contribution. We’re sure Chey will be back tomorrow to help with the roasted turkey feast.

  22. Oh we hope you can get Chey back in time for Thanksgiving!
    Hellllllllllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  23. I hope Chey is back by now..
    We want you to have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    ~ Timothy and The Bunch

  24. 59 signatures… It’s going to be close!

  25. Well drat, Artemisia signed the petition but then it wouldn’t let the rest of us sign cause we has the same e-addy. We all want Chey back. Although we did like seeing you. Artemisia thinks you are really cute Ichiro and wants to add you to her stable of suitors. But really this is Chey’s blog.

  26. Three Karen’s signed and we are at 78… Even if we think it might be the same Karen 3 times…Chey is not complaining!

  27. I wood miss yer bodayshus booty, Chey.

  28. Go Chey!!!!

  29. We couldn’t bear the thought of no Find Chey Friday!

  30. Karen, Pixel and Samba says:

    No the same Karen signed 4 times but you said separate email addresses right. And the cats signed too. 6 signatures from us . we love Chey

  31. We need Chey back! Now!

    Luf, Us

  32. Chey, we need Chey!

  33. Bring Chey back now!

  34. Taz,Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna in IL says:

    Free Chey! Free Chey! (whoops, mommy got carried away-union activist, don’t you know) Anyway, we hope Chey will be back soon.

  35. I signed the petition and thought I’d get Oliver and Gerry to sign it too, but it looks like that isn’t possible, so please add Oliver and Gerry’s names to the petition as they want Chey back too. That will count as 3 signatures. Thank you x


  36. We signed!!! WE hope it works!!!


  37. We are signing the petition!

    Uncle Keaks

  38. We signed – well Mummeh did, but we is confuzzled, we carn’t find whare da gorjeeus Cheysuli were taken into custardy and why, ‘cepting that it woz sumfing to do wiv nip… We hopes she am set free soon, coz we luvs her, innit! :)xxx from da Caramels.

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