Tabby Tuesday

There has been so much going on, that I have become very finicky. I seem to be eating the kibble but I do not like the raw food any more. But I don’t like the canned food either. Momma does not know what is going on and she is worrying me.  I do not mean to worry her.   But I know that there is a food that I will like better. And I don’t like eating so close to Ichiro.  He is kind of a pig.

Maybe she will start feeding me the food that I like the best again!  I would like that very very much.

Until then I think I will look out this window and dream about a house that is not full of Ichiro!


  1. Oh, Gemini, your poor Momma always with one cat needing tempting to eat. I bet Ichiro eats whatever is put in front of him!

  2. Little brothers can be very pesky, Gemini. I know….


  3. Are you hungry all the time but you don’t like anything that is put in front of you, Gemini? Because I do the same thing! Unfortunately, I have no solution to this, and neither does my human. I am taking appetite stimulants and that seems to be the only thing that helps me eat enough.

  4. We hope your mom finds a food that you’ll eat, Gemini. Do you get fed in a separate room or area away from everyone else? Maybe you need some space and quiet to eat?

  5. Hi Gemini! Y’know, there has been lots of change (Ichiro!) in your house lately and it can take some time for it to all get sorted out. We hope your mom can find a food that you like. We eat separately from one another…well, me and Ernie eat in the kitchen but apart from one another and Zoey eats in her room. That seems to work out pretty good because we can all eat want we want and not worry about some cat bugging us while we try to eat. Ernie can be a pig sometimes too.


  6. shmaybe Ichiro needs to eat in his own room?

  7. Gemini, maybe you need quiet time to eat your food at your own pace. Jonesie is like that. She does not like to be rushed. Bennette doesn’t like to be rushed either but she’s got tuxietude and is not afraid to throw a punch!

  8. Gemini, you sound like our Domino! She chows down on new food when we give it to her, and then loses interest, so we try something else — only to have the same thing happen. Maybe you just like to have a variety. Who knows?

    Of course eating beside a piglet can cause anyone to lose their appetite!

  9. Oh dear. It seems Ichiro is bothering you, too…not just Chey.

  10. Gemini, you and I look alike and I bet we think alike too. I get my food in another room away from the slavering horde so I can eat at my own pace. I prefer Blue Buffalo kibble over anything else in the whole world…except Party Mix. But Mommy won’t let me make a meal out of that. She is so mean.

    XX Kona Kitty

  11. Your little brother won’t be little for long and he will probably calm down quite a bit. I hope you get your favorite food back, but at least you’re eating your kibble. We all love the Blue Buffalo too!

  12. keep ’em guessin’–that’s OUR motto! 😉

    xing xing needs her private time to eat, too–all by herself in her room, acause otherwise the Horde (that’s US!) chases her an’ devours her foods!

  13. A different flavor everyday, that’s our preference. You also need a separate eating location.

  14. Hi Gemini! We get picky about our foods too. WE think as long as you eat some of the kibble you will be ok – some of us don’t really eat the canned and only eat the kibble and we are all good. And Kirzon is bugged by the other cats, so he waits til they are done and then eats – maybe your mom could try that for you (though at our house there aren’t really any cats who pig out so Kirzons food goes down at the same time – he just usually stands back til everyone finishes). We get weird about food too though – sometimes we love something, then the next day we hate it and won’t even look at it!

  15. We keep changing our minds about what we like too. One week we will tell mum our food is the best in the world and we can’t get enough of it, then the next week we tell her it is disgusting and no way will we eat that rubbish she is trying to feed us.

  16. We all get finicky sometimes too!

  17. We’re boring and eat the same thing all the time except for our stinky goodness treats. We think Ichiro might need to eat on his own for a bit so you can relax and enjoy your food.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  18. Maybe you can get your mum to feed you in na quiet spot and your foods may taste better again.

  19. I would offer to take Ichiro off your hands but my mom is allergic to him and some one in your family might actually miss him. Also, I am too far away to do anything. But if you lived closer I would so chase him for you.


  20. Doesn’t look like Ichiro is going anywhere so maybe you can all call a truce? Ichiro is probably wanting to be friends.

  21. Gemini, we understand that you’re somewhat stressed, but Ichiro is still young and hopefully will grow out of this phase.

  22. finicky iz kitties middle names.

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