Tabby Tuesday

Momma is home!  That is marvelous.

But I heard the most horrible news. I think Cheysuli has been suspended from her blog for political contributions without approval.    I guess she sent Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold, Patty Murray and John Kitzhaber a whole pile of catnip without permission.   I am not sure what they were expected to do with all the nip (except to see how many of their people were cat lovers) but Chey sent it.   However, she was supposed to get permission.

I do  not how long she will be suspended.  Ichiro and I will keep the blog going until this works out.


  1. Oh my, I think she was framed!!!

  2. If Nip causes trouble fer political candidates, we will send some to all Republicants!

  3. Oh Gemini. we think we will all protest until Chey is reinstated and can blog again!!!

  4. What? I just spoke with Chey as we shared a nice fegan meal…and I’m sure she was framed. And what’s wrong with sending nip to politicians anyway? Don’t they need to lighten up? They’d all be doing a better job if they went into a nip frenzy and play session followed by a nice long snooze in their blankies. Why…I bet they could solve the worlds political problems if they just tried it.

  5. Well the nip didn’t help old Russ here. Sorry she is on suspension, but she can chill and play/beat on Ichi.

  6. Well, wasn’t it a little late to be sending out campaign contributions? The elections were over long ago! Chey should have kept that nip for herself.

  7. LOL @ Cory! Mommy just about split a gut imagining Sharon Angle rolling around on the floor…wait, she prolly does that without the nip…
    Free Chey Meowvera!

  8. Just wait one darn minute — Chey has First Amendment rights that are being violated! Someone notify the ACLU! (The C stands for Cats, doesn’t it?)

  9. Check your contract, Chey … if it’s not in writing that you have to have permission first, you can donate as much nip as you want to whomever you want. Just ask Keith Olbermann.

  10. Oh no! We say re-instate Chey right now. It’s a set up!

  11. We think Chey should be reinstated now too! Hey wait….maybe we’ll be able to find her on Friday if she has to stay home!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Being Canadian kitties, we don’t know who those humans are, but we, too, are absolutely sure Chey was framed!

  13. OMC! Poor Chey. Shud we sign a petition to get her freed?

  14. Uh-oh! That nip will get ‘cha every time!
    Hope Chey gets back to posting soon.
    ~ Anna Sue

  15. Strange that Chey is suddenly in trouble in the news again. Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, we can’t help but wonder if it isn’t Scrooge causing all these problems for Chey.

  16. Oh my! That is very serious! Could Ichiro have been involved?

  17. we love you and Ichiro, but WE WANT CHEY!!

  18. That is very worrying news. WE WANT CHEY!!!!!!

  19. Oh no! Poor Chey! Can’t she get post permissions? Man, humans and their stupid rules, don’t send nip with no permission, no getting up on the booster seat and eating Joel’s ham.

    We hope you and Ichiro will keep us posted on how she is handling not being able to blog. We have a feeling she’ll be getting the shakes and maybe start twitching in withdrawal….

  20. Oh this is awful news – not that we don’t love seeing you and Ichiro of course, but we just finally are getting to visit all our friends and one is in trouble so we won’t see her! We hope that the suspension is reconsidered!! If not please tell her hi from us (and tell Ichiro too!)

  21. (sigh) I’m disturbed to hear that Chey is in trouble with the law again.


  22. :::THUD::::
    Oh Miss Gemini you are fabulous in all your glory on Tabby Tuesday.
    We are sorry to hear that Chey has been framed, but if I get to see more of you, I will be a happy mancat.

    your boyfriendcat

  23. *making a list of people we dislike and appending their names to gifts of nip with suitably inscribed gift cards!*

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