Tabby Tuesday

Well this photo is old.  Like last spring, before Ichiro was even thought of!  But today Momma took some more photos of me.  She just has not downloaded them. She is hoping to get even more as she does not know how good those photos turned out.  Ichiro was chasing me.

Momma says I am a Tuffalo around him because I do not take any kitten spit.  I swat him right back.  And I puff up to my biggest size and stand on my hind legs so that he can not knock me over.  He is getting bigger so it is harder.

I think he is settling down a little bit, but I think he needs to settle down a lot more before he is a good cat.


  1. I am glad you are standing your ground, Gemini – that is the only way to show a kitten who is boss. Do not tell Chey, but I think your approach is more effective than hers.

  2. Good job on standing up to Ichiro, Gemini. You have to show him who is the boss. Please come to my Gotcha Day party, going on right now.

  3. If you stand on the bookshelf and pounce on him from above, your message should knock into him…..

  4. We know who’s the boss in your house, Gemini!! Maybe you should teach Chey how to stand up to Ichiro.

  5. babies are a pain – but someday they will settle down.

  6. You are definately the mancat, don’t take anything. Stand up for yourself even if you have to swat.

  7. Oh Gemini…I hate to tell you but it’s going to be awhile. With Figaro, he’s now a BIG baby…just over a year old, strong and BIG…and full of energy and did I say BIG? I think it will be a couple of years before he settles down.

  8. Awww Gemini ~ we are sure yoo are kind to Ichiro though. After all he’s just an itty-bitty!

  9. Standing up for yourself is the only way to put kittens in their place!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Tuffalo! We like that! Sometimes we wish Maui would quit being a kitten…he’s three and incorrigable. Hopefully Ichiro will settle down sooner.

  11. Whapping is fundamental! It’s a good way for him to learn too!!!

  12. Little brofurs can sure be obnoxious until they grow out of that stage, eh?

  13. Gemini, soon all your hard work training that little mancat will all be worth it!

  14. That picture may be from last spring, but it is a good one — worth the wait!

  15. Even if it’s an old picture of you, Gemini, it’s a very beautiful one. I’ll look forward to seeing more of you in the near future.

    Oh, Ichiro is just a kid — he can’t help it that he has all this pent-up energy. Something tells me that you and he will be friends once he matures a little more.

  16. You can’t let those silly boy kitties get the upper paw. I make sure to pounce Victor sometimes… and he even jumps straight into the air like a bunny! I feel nice and big when I’m hiding in the tunnel.
    Purrs and licks

  17. Miss Gemini
    Do I need to have a mancat to minimancat talk with Ichiro?

    your boyfriendcat

  18. It is good you are keeping him in his place Gemini. Give him an inch and he will take a mile.

  19. Train Ichi right Gemini! He must have respect for the ladies of the house.

  20. What a lovely ladycat you are. You are doing a great job teaching Ichiro who’s boss in the house.

  21. Old photos? But you deserve new photos. Jan keeps reusing ours. Humans, they’re either in our face or ignoring us.

  22. yur so khute Gemini. we hope yur momma gets those new fotos in soon.

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