Tabby Tuesday

We were very excited to get the picture we won in the Raffle from the Food Lady.  We donated when she did that and our name was drawn. It has all of us on it.   Even me! I am ever so thrilled!  We will show photos in a few days.

Momma is concerned because Google is telling her her site  is loading slowly.   Can anyone check and tell us? She may redo it because part of the slow loading is the shopping cart she has, but as she sends everyone to other sites, it doesn’t really need to be there.

I have been napping in my closet a lot.  See Ichiro likes to jump all over us.  I get tired of that.  I did let him snuggle with me last night.  He is a very warm cat so I guess it is not too bad.   I just hate it that when he wakes up, he thinks I should to!  I need my sleep. It takes a lot of work to keep all this fur in line!


  1. I see the fur growing as excuse for sleeping is working for you too, Gemini! Sorry Ichiro makes you feel safer in the closet. Kittens can be pests, it seems (not that I know from experience).

    That is wonderful that you won the picture from the Food Lady. It will be fun to see it.

  2. Ichiro sounds like Au. Once he’s up, he wants efurrywon up! You’re looking nicely floofy. Hope the web site runs fast now.

  3. I think Ichiro will get better as he gets older. I hear that Binga was out of control when she was a kitten… well, she is out of control now, but it’s different. As a kitten she did stuff like attack the human’s faces and she was just incorrigible. Now she is just semi-incorrigible… nevermind, she is a bad example!

    My human tested your human’s site on two different browsers. It loaded a little bit slow on Safari (Safari took out the “www” part, so that may have taken extra time), but not too slowly on Firefox (at least not slower than most sites).

  4. Congrats on your win from the Food Lady! And we’re sorry Ichiro is jumping on you all the time. Once he gets his kittens out, he won’t be so bad. We hope your mom has made the closet cozy for you in the meantime.

  5. Congrats to you on your win from the Food Lady. We went and checked your other site and it loaded a little slow but not bad at all. In fact I left you a message there about some Christmas cards.
    Take care and have a great day.

  6. Ichiro sounds like Nicky – if he’s up, we’re ALL up. ::SIGH::

    oh, btw, your the mom’s site loaded just fine for us – we even did a test of the shopping cart and it was fine.

  7. Congrats on your contest win will be on the lookout when you post the photo. The closet is a great place to catch zzzzs. It is nice and quiet in there.

  8. Concats on winning the raffle!

    Your mom’s site loaded quickly in Firefox for our mom, at her work. No problem at all.

    Ichiro will calm down when he gets older…we hope. Okay our Nicki hasn’t yet calmed down and he’s 4, but we like to think he’s the exception to the rule. MOL.

  9. Hmmmm … Ichiro sounds just like Alfie ~ when Alfie wakes up, efurrybuddy hasta wake up! MOL!

    Milo xx

  10. You do look a wee bit sleepy! Hey, the site loaded quick for me on the new RockMelt browser!

  11. Boy kittehs tend to do dat, wake up afore us girl kittehs – just whap him and it shud make hims go away! ~ Molly

    The mom tried the website – first with Firefox and it was a about 10 seconds before it loaded then she tried the new RockMelt browser and it seemed to be quicker for that one (though the mom finks its faster to load any fing).

  12. well, gracious–of course you needs yer sleep! it’s comin’ up onna dark, cold time, an’ you needs plenty of rest to grow them furs! sleep comfy!!

  13. We can’t wait to see the photos!

    We hear you about having a young one jump on top of you. The Bibi is a real menace over here…

    Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  14. Oh Miss Gemini it is so good to see your Tabby tuesday post!
    Ichiro is a young one he will sound learn the need for a longer snooze.
    We checked out your site and it loaded fine on Firefox for us.

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Winning a raffle, how exciting. Hope your prize is a tasty one.

    [In IE, your site kind of loads slowly – but everything seems to load slower on IE. In Firefox and Chrome, your site loads much quicker.]

  16. We are sure Ichiro will sleep longer soon. We were like that as kittens, too.

  17. We checked out your mom’s site and it loaded quickly for us. We went all over clicking different places and it was just fine.

    Kittens…gotta love ’em!

  18. Gemini, we can understand not liking to be woken up by a hyper little furball!! heehee
    We tried your site and shopping cart with Chrome(with our dial up connection-sigh-) and it was OK!! The shopping cart was only a few seconds longer 🙂

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  19. Scout pounced every thing in sight when he was little! Sheesh what a hyper little fluffball. Mom says she misses those days….can you imagine!!!!!
    COngrats on your win!

  20. Can’t wait to see your portraitis! Mum won some stuff too, its not here yet.

  21. Oh…the trials and tribulations of living with youngsters…at least you don’t have to worry about your hair turning grey, hahameow!

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