Tabby Tuesday

I am in my closet and I was there for most of the day.   Ichiro can’t get behind when I am here.

It also makes Momma worry about me just a little bit because I normally don’t hide there all day.  But I did today.  I like it that she worries about me.  I wish it would make her be at home more.


  1. I’ve tried that, too, but mom said something about earning green papers to keep me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to!

  2. Ichiro must really be bugging you to make you stay in your closet all day. I have tried to talk my Mom into staying home, too, but she says the same thing about green papers that Sweet Praline’s Mom does.

  3. I hope you are okay, Gemini! Sometimes we kitties do something different around here, and you would think we were deathly ill the way my human worries! But we are almost always all right later on or the next day. I am glad we kitties don’t have that worry gene that humans do.

  4. Maybe that’s your way to get your mom to stay home, Gemini! But we hope you come out of your closet soon.

  5. Aw, Gemini, we hope you’re okay too, not sick!

    We know it’s tough when moms/dads work outside the home; ours is gone for hours and hours and hours every week day. Maybe you could pick a winning lottery ticket for her so she could stay home with you! 😀

  6. I hope you’re okay too sweet Gemini, purrs to you just in case!

  7. Lone Star Purrs says:

    Sometimes ya just need a quiet, solitary kind of day!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  8. Oh dear Miss Gemini.
    I hate to think you hide in the closet all day.
    You could come over here and I will share with you some great sunpuddles!
    (it’s been 35 days since we’ve had rain, so I’ve had lots of sun puddles)
    My sisfur Boo likes to go in Momma’s bedroom and hide from me.
    She likes to hiss at me a lot.
    I can’t imagine why? Just cause I like to chase her.

    your boyfriendcat

  9. Poor Gemini! Maybe she’s a little depressed because mommy’s away most of the time, and she’s left with a little brat who wants to jump on her. I’d hide in a closet, too, if I were her!

    No offence, Ichiro! You’re cute as a button, and you can’t help it that you’re just a kitten.

  10. I am sending you happy purrs and Tanith sends some vibes to make you invisible to Ichiro (yeah … it doesn’t work for Tanith when I pounce her either, but who knows …). Hope you are feeling OK, Miss Gemini.

  11. Gemini dear, I wouldn’t worry about this. I spend time resting in my closet, too. It’s quiet, cozy and no one bothers me.

    Your friend

  12. We think your Mom would like to be at home more Gemini.Especially with you!!
    Green papers are important though.
    Just have a nice quiet snooze and soon your Mom will be home to fuss over you 🙂

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  13. Keeping the survunts on their toes is what cats do best. Maybe if you meow at her she’ll quit her other job?

  14. Gemini, sometimes closets can be wonderful and warm and safe. You should hang out there as much as you like!

  15. gettin inta klosets can be fun. but dont hide too gud it really worries beans. but itz nise ta hear yur momma cares so abowt yoo.

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