Meezer Monday

Finally, the petition worked!  Even on Monday there is a photo of me!  Isn’t this grand.  I know, you have to see the other cat as well but that’s life now I guess.

I can’t believe the Woman made such a big deal out of my catnip contributions.  It’s  a free country. She doesn’t have to report her contributions to me.   I am petitioning to be a corporation you know, so that way I can give unlimited amounts to anyone I want and won’t have to answer to her at all… except maybe to use her credit card.  I think that may be the root of the problem is that I gave away too much catnip to too many people.  But it is her own fault for letting me see that she had a credit card.   Of course, it would be even better if she let me have my own.  Just for little things. Like a Tesla car and a Prada handbag.  And some really really good ham…


  1. Chey we think it’s totally reasonable that you get your own credit card for ordering specialty hams.

  2. Maybe you could apply for a credit card or two or three online???

  3. Credit card is a way to go,
    we will support for you.

  4. Chey, I have my own AmEx (I got it so I could do book reviews on Amazon), and you should too!

  5. I think you should get your own credit card, too. Will they take payment in treats? Anytime you feel like giving away catnip, you can send some my way.


  6. We are willing to sign a petition saying yoo shud get yoor own credit card. It’s only fair.

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
    Credit cards would be most convenient 😉
    So many goodies to by…
    Great idea Chey!!
    Maybe you should have your own with your picture on the front 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. Of course you should have your own credit card, then the Woman can’t complain about you using hers.

  9. We hope you get a huge credit limit on that card so you can buy lots of ham!

  10. Definitely apply for a card or three. We like the idea of having your photo on the card(s)!

  11. You deserve a gold card!

  12. if you get your own let us know how you did it – we are tired of trying to knock out the mom to steal hers.

  13. WHOO HOO……Hi Chey! You look great! Good to see you!

  14. Cheysuli, if you can get a credit card, come shopping on the auction blog that auntie Deb is running!!!

  15. You are looking good in your photo, Chey, even if Ichiro is there too. As you say, that’s how it is now. Pesky baby brother following you everywhere.

    The credit card Idea is perfect!

  16. Everycat needs their own credit card! We have one and it has our pictures on it!

  17. It’s black monday…think of all the savings you can get buying stuff with a credit card!

  18. We agree that you should definitely have your own credit card, Chey!

    In the meantime, it’s lovely to have you back!

  19. We’re glad your “suspension” has ended. We think you having your own card is great idea. Perhaps even customized with your photo on the card.

  20. Thanks for fanning us at Imagekind.


  21. Hi Chey! We are so glad the petition worked! And we think the corporation idea is great – maybe you could even get one of those fancy corporate cards of your very own! Then you could give all the catnip you want, and probably get that other stuff too! (Though wouldn’t a Tesla car be for Tesla, Hansel’s sister – you would need a Chey Car). Mom said a Prada bag is super fancy – even she hasn’t got one, so she would be so jealous if you had one! We don’t use purses much (even Stella is too much of a tomboy for that) but we do think some fancy beds would be fun!

  22. We knew ya could get at least a hunnert on the petition! An we agree ya should have yer own credit card too. After all, ya were responsible fer all those campaign funds. Oh wait, was that what started the problem?

  23. I think that maybe you can get one of those fancy cards with your picture on it too!

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