Worried Wednesday

I have noticed that now Ichiro gets Mondays, Gemini gets Tuesdays, we share Thursdays and I have only Wednesdays and Fridays. This worries me.  How will I see my fans if the other cats are taking over the blog. This is My Siamese. I am the Siamese.  Ichiro is only an imitation.

I am also worried that there are so few new photos of me compared to Ichiro. Maybe I won’t even have Wednesdays any more!

This calls for some serious assistance. I’m going to go eat Fishy Flakes.


  1. I imagine that it does get tough when there are 3 kitties in the household! Always good to see you!

  2. Get on when you can Chey!
    We do love seeing your beautiful meezer face.

  3. It’s a bit crowded with 3 of you. Perhaps you should all have your own blog and make your mom blog for you each day.

  4. Chey, never fear, you will always be #1 to us. No matter how cute people think Ichiro is, we are just suffering with the second best until we see you again!


  5. Can I come and join you in drowning our sorrows in the fishy flakes? I even have my name on MY blog and all my brothers and sisters and my VERY OWN MOMMA steal my spotlight. It’s enough to make me want to start another blog…called…called…MY BLOG! Yeah, that’s it.

    Chey I don’t have any answers for you…

  6. We still love you, Chey. Get the Woman to do a nice photoshoot this weekend.

  7. We know what you mean Chey! Hard to share the spotlight… actually should you share it at all? You are a star Chey!

  8. Chey, if they take Wednesday away from you, we will start a worldwide protest movement!

  9. I feels yur pain Chey! Mor than yoo knows. I havvint had fishy flakes in….well…I dont remempurrs what thay taste like no more! We shood organize some kind of protest. I stand wif yoo!!!!

  10. We wait on YOUR posts daily, CHEY! The others are just shadows on you.

  11. That elegant face is worth the wait, but maybe the woman could do a second blog called Gemini and Ichiro’s Place. A big Chey photoshoot this weekend sounds like a great idea.

  12. Chey, I hafta share the blog with those other 2 cats that live with me too. I only get one day for just me….so unfair!! Afterall, I am the oldest and rank should have it’s privileges!! I’m coming over to eat fishy flakes with you.


  13. It does get bit crowded sometimes, huh, Chey? Hang in there, and know that we always look forward to your posts! 🙂

  14. we all just haf a rassling match for blogging time. I ushually win – Miles

    that’s because you’re the fattest and you squish us – Sammy

    but I’m the cutest! – Nicky

    I has mine own blog ppfffftttt – Billy

    uh oh, here we go again

  15. You have my complete sympathy, Chey. I have the same problem here. It was bad enough when I had to share time with 3 siblings, but now…now there are 3 more getting time on MY blog!


  16. Chey, this is YOUR blog. You pointed it out yourself – it says “chey.mysiamese”! You MUST do something about this! I would not let Boodie or Binga take over my blog every week. You need to remind your human who is boss in your house, and it is not Gemini and certainly not Ichiro!

  17. Never worry, Missie Chey. every time we see your picture, the beautific image is emblazoned into our tiny brains and rests there for a few days anyway

    bonks to you and your tabby sister and silly brother

  18. We have the same problem here. Sometimes we even have to share with our cousins!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  19. Chey there is no way they will take Wednesday away from you. Heck, we have six cats over here – imagine how much time we get – not enough for sure! But we do think more pictures sound like a great idea – that will be a good way to be sure you get your rightful time! We bet that they just need to get caught up on your stuff because they were trying to let you get so much rest and not bother you with the camera when you were sick. But we bet they will start taking lots of pictures of you now – probably so many you will want them to stop!

  20. Maybe you’ll have to convince your Mom to blog with you on weekends — that way you can have another whole two days for yourself!

  21. Yoo shood just sit on em all with yer big booty. That will either kill them or let them know hooz boss.

    And fur the rekerd, I HATE being a short bus!

  22. We definitely share your pain Chey. Momma tries to divide the blog amongst us, but it never works out. Both Boo and Jinx hate having their pictures taken, so they are less visible. Gracie and Abby will pose, and of course I have never met a camera I didn’t like.

    hellllooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  23. Don’t worry Chey.We will always demand “more Chey” !!!!!
    WE love to see your lovely face 🙂
    Mind,Gemini & Ichiro are a tad cute 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  24. Chey, then if Ichi and Gemini are doing some posts you don’t have to work so hard, but you are always #1.

  25. I SO unnerstand! Alfie keeps taking over MY BLOG! It stinks!

    Love Milo xx

  26. that always happens when babies come in. we soooo understand. at least yoo hafe yur wednesdays and fridays.

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