Words on Wednesday

I’m not sure I feel like talking.  I’ve been running around with that little cat.   Sometimes we don’t even fight.  That is when he doesn’t try and sit on my head.  So really any dislike is all his fault.   He deserves the Male.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to nap before the Woman works on turning her rant  into a reason to be thankful for the Cat blogosphere for Thursdays post.  But really–I’m not sure why I had to listen to that rant…


  1. So sorry to hear that your mom needs to rant!

  2. Oh poor Chey. You do look like you need a good nap!

  3. Ooh, we think you LIKE Ichiro!

    Chey an Ichiro
    Sittin inna tree.
    Rubbin nosies
    1 – 2 – 3!

    Well, that doesnt actally make much sense, but The Big Thing is in bed an hes the only one here who can make things rime sensibly!

  4. Hmm, it does sound like you’re warming up to the No 1 Son…. And Gemini? What does she say?

  5. Enjoy yoor nap ~ and be wary of ennybuddy jumping on yoor head while yoo sleep!

  6. Chey, you look like you could use a good rest, and time away from that pesky little Ichiro!

  7. So, you dislike Ichuro less? Did pigs start flying today?

  8. On your head?!?!?!

  9. Either you are beginning to like Ichiro, or you are just giving up, Chey!

  10. Yes, we think either you actually do like him a tiny bit, at least, or that you are throwing in the towel in the old “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” scenario.

  11. our brat sits on our heads too. ugh.

  12. Yoo is playin wif da little kitten?? We is uh, meowless…

    Fanks fer our wishes of happiness on our gothca purrthday!


  13. Hmmmm…why would your mom rant? She gets to live with you, right? Isn’t that enough?

  14. That is so exhausting – no wonder you need a nap. FAZ

  15. Chey, is that pensiveness, sleepyness, depressedness?

  16. Hmmmmmm,, progressing nicely, who wooda thunk it!

  17. well, y’know, chey . . . who better to mentor that little feller? you’re THE siamese authority, after all. we’re sure he’ll be grateful for any scraps of siamese knowledge you can give him!

  18. Sorry your mom is feeling ranty. Nothing serious we hope xxx

  19. Hello Chey,

    Although perhaps a bit tired, you do look as gorgeous as ever!

    You should totally have the Woman submit a pic of you to the Lifetime Photo Contest. Hey, if you win, I bet that might make you feel better:).

    The deadline is October 14th, so I’m trying to spread the word to all my favorite cats. Just submit a pic and you can win everything from cash to a one-year supply of cat food:).

    Thanks and best of luck!

  20. We think Ichiro is growing on you! Or maybe he’s trying to by sitting on your head????

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  21. Oh running around with the little ones can really be super tiring, so we think you should totally just relax and nap. And if he tries to sit on your head, well, just push him off!

    We hope your mom’s rant wasn’t too bad – our mom does that sometimes too!

  22. Wow, h-e-l-l must be getting a little chilly.

    It’s OK Chey, we haven’t even hissed at the new guy but once or twice. We’re all getting old and senile we think.

  23. Rest up, sounds like you are having a busy time with the little one.

  24. He sits on your head? He doesn’t have very good manners does he.

  25. thats whut babies are gud fur, tiring older kitties owt.

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