Tabby Tocks Tuesday

It’s Tock-Tober.  So here I am showing off my lovely tocks.

This was actually taken back when Flat Skeezix first came to visit us and we had a bit of catnip to celebrate.  See how Flat Skeezix is smiling brightly!

Momma says I have on my fancy pants.   This is even though she tried to trim them off of me a few weeks ago. My furs grow fast.

Momma has been working on her new website and she is hoping that it works.  We would love feedback if anyone wants to go over there to let her know how it looks or if they want to try working it (yes this is a live site, so charges will apply if you order!).   It’s at her photography site if you wish to go and check it out.


  1. Yay Gemini! Love it that you are showing your floofy tocks. We made mom go check out your website and we think it looks great!

  2. I need to show off my floofy backside sometime this month!

    Your human’s site looks pretty good. I have a store on CafePress, and am wondering why so many others are using Zazzle instead. Should I switch?

  3. Your Mummy’s site is looking great!!!

    We love your floofy pants, and are a bit jealous that your hair grows back quickly, because Pricilla’s doesn’t…!!!

  4. I hope you’re feeling better now, Chey? You and Gemini have lovely tocks. So much more polite than arses, isn’t it?

  5. Those are some lovely fancy pants you have, Gemini…great tocks both of you!!

    We’ll go check out your mom’s site!

  6. TOCKTOBER IS THE BEST!!! What cute little tocks! 🙂 Chey are you doing better?

    Love, auntie deb

  7. your tocks is cute!

  8. Your have very fancy pants, Gemini! Gracie’s beginning to show signs of fancy pants and her tail is getting very floofy! Sometimes, because of her Special Leg and her fancy pants she will have hitch-hikers, if you know what we mean. :]

  9. You are fantastically floofy!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Nice Toctober to you!!! I don’t have any tocks to speak of! Hey, Mom’s new site looks pretty darn good!

  11. Love the tocks!

  12. You have lovely ‘tocks, Gemini! They look like old-fashioned lacy ruffled bloomers.

    P.S. Our mom says your website is very nice – the only thing that she didn’t understand was how large the prints were (the information might have been on there, but she’s kind of slow sometimes!)

  13. Sigh… Those are just so lovely, Gemini! No way we could compete… ever….

    Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  14. YUMMY!!! NIP!!!

    Don’t worry Gemini – you have very cute fancy pants!! Our Mom likes to complain because I (Nico) shed a lot – which she can’t understand why because I am a meezer… She brushes & brushes (& i put the bitey on the brush) & STILL I shed like crazy!! Hehe!!

    Have a great day!!

    Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  15. You have lovely tocks Gemini. We love your pantaloons.

  16. Very fuzzy tocks! We are impressed…

  17. may you be blessed with ham every day of october… we are planning a surprise march at the parade.. well i think we are…. i mean what else would we do?

  18. nice tocks! i’ve got to get my picture in. mine aren’t nearly as fuzzy as yours tho and therefore not as impressive. we heart Tocktober!

  19. Will yoo give me sum good tips on how to grow nice floofy toks??? Cuz mine are as flat as Flat Skeezy’s are.

  20. Chey, it’s nice to see yoo’ve gotten yer appeitite bak. Yer booty is as big as a Buick.

  21. Gemini, Those are super snazzy fancy pants! Your black feeties are gorgeous…are your toes black too? KonaKitty looks like you and hers are.

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