Sunday Guest Star: Pixel and Samba

Well this was another easy find me Friday. Praline knew I was at the airport but wasn’t sure if I was coming or going.   Pixel and Samba, however said, “You are at the Denver airport at the air Alaska desk waiting for your flight home.”  And so we were.  We were trying to get Skeezix some Mother’sMilk for on the plane. He doesn’t fly well.

At any rate, Eric and Flynn, Simba, the Taylor Cats, the Good Cats, and the Florida Furkids all gave answers that suggested they know where I was.  Simba, of course has the most complete answer, “It’s after Blogpaws, and you are at the Alaska Airlines counter checking in at the Denver International Airport. Flight 671 will take you back to Seattle, so you are in good shape so long as you get on that plane.”

Victor and Nina showed how it’s done: “Too easy! We just looked up dat flight number at Alaska Airlines’ web site an it only goes frum Denver to Seattle. Wat I don’t get is why it’s Alaska Airlines an not goin to Alaska.”

Max said, “Wherever…it looks like you’re head to PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! Watch out for Skeez, though, he loves the mother’s milk and might not share…”  Well, Max, let’s just say that the FL did not give Flat Skeezix his ID which was a HUGE ordeal.  Beyond that, Cory said, “what happens at BlogPaws stays at BlogPaws!”  Next time, for a real party Flat Max should join us…

And for those who commented that we made the airline employee happy–how could we not?  A bunch of party Flat Cats hanging out on her flight…


  1. Yessss…there needs to be a Flat Max. The Woman needs to get on that project; she’s talked about it but, you know, she’s not especially crafty. But make one she must, so I can PARTY!

  2. Congrats to the winners! We of course had no idea where you were, other than imagining t might b an airport!

  3. Concats to Pixel and Samba.

  4. How do they do it? How can you guess which airport just from that photo? I would have known if I had seen the outside of the airport! Maybe I am just not enough of a world traveler????

  5. Very impressive they got it soooooo right. FAZ

  6. Congrats to Pixel and Samba!

  7. Congratulations to Pixel and Samba. At least I was in the right building this time.

  8. Pixel and Samba are purrty smart kitties – good job!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Congrats, those smart ones always impress me!

  10. Chey, next time, we’re flying to Vegas!

  11. ConCATs to Pixel and Samba!

  12. Well done Pixel and Simba! Travelling via one’s flat cat self is the only way to go. I diddint even mind being stuffed in a sootcase!

  13. Congrats to a couple of cutie pie kitties 🙂

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. We GOT ta learn how ta find clues in the pictures better! Congrats to ALL who figured it out…

  15. A big shout out to all the winners!
    You have lots of observant cats! 🙂

    Hellllllllllllllllloooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

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