Sunday Guest Star: Max

Well I was thinking this might be a little more difficult but within an hour of my posting, Max, the first commentor said, “Hmm… you’re in Ellensburg, WA on University Av, riding a dog WHICH IS SO COOL!!!!”  Oh and Max.. do you know how far back I had to go to find a photo of you?  I think you need to sort out that  human of yours.

I guess that the Jerrol’s Bookstore gave it away as several of the cats googled it.  Other kitties who got it correct were, Eric and Flynn, Pierro and Miles, Dr. Tweety, Dante and friends and the Good Cats. Many googled Jerrol’s and others found it via Rodeo City.

This was during the Rodeo Days parade that is held there and we saw lots of horses and then some dogs.   Later on in the afternoon, the Male and the Woman drove up to the ranch where they raise the cows that they purchase each year to eat. They got to see the grass pasture their cows feed on, the way the farmer helps the land as it’s very hilly and so hard to grow anything (but good for cows and grass) and the areas of wet lands that he helps the county preserve.  There’s a beautiful artisan well there that he is very proud of.   In another month or so, the Woman will be able to go to the butcher and get her half a cow that they purchased and met.   The Woman said she needs to look her food in the eye before eating it. It’s only fair.

My only issue with that is do I have to look those insects I kill in ALL the eyes before eating them?  I mean they have a whole heck of a lot.

Did you all know that at my first home at the breeders I lived with a dachshund?  That is why I liked riding on this one.


  1. You lived with a dachshund before? Oh, I feel your pain…

    I’ve never looked a bug in the eye before eating it.

  2. Ah, so riding on the woofie in the parade brought back old memories. That makes sense…

  3. Chey, we liked the photo of you riding the cute dog…Max is a cutie too!…Hope you have a restful Sunday and are feeling much better now…kisses x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Concats to Max.
    Mum likes helping us to find you. She says it is like a Treasure Hunt, biggifying the picture to look for clues that she can google if she doesn’t know where you are.

  5. Max is very, very smart!!!

  6. Max is a very smart ManCat! We were worried about you riding on that woofie!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Congratulations to Max. I missed Find Chey Friday again. My mom claims she is so busy and is just too tired to help me visit. Hopefully, I’ll get back to visiting soon.

  8. I never am any good at guessing where you are on Friday. I couldn’t help but notice your office, from the photo. That is almost like my office here at home. Even have the same color chair that the typist sits in while I tell her what to type.

  9. hey, we have a couple of those dogs in our neighborhood! I never thought about riding them cause they are small than that dog. but if i strapped them together it could work…

    ps yeah, we noticed who won. we are very sad for our Reds, but hopeful tonight brings a happier end for Cinci fans!

  10. Welll HELLLLO max! You are a handsome fella!

  11. Dang I feel like a celebrity now!

  12. Good job, Max!!

  13. You’re so lucky. Some cat always finds you.

  14. Congrats to Max!!
    He’ s not so psycho after all 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Max roks! Take that, Smartypants ‘Kaika!

  16. We like dachsies! Hey, missed your updates thanks to evil Blogger messing up!

  17. I almost looked that bird in the eye when I almost ate it. But hows do I look a can of Fansy Feest in the eye? I will think on that. MOL

  18. Max is the best!

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