Sunday Guest Star

Oh dear. I’m still lost.  No one found me.  How depressing is that.  I even gave a BIG old hint on my Facebook page.  Considering I had only one Find Chey Friday, it was a bigger hint than I intended!

Ayla and Iza and Sweet Praline both thought I was at the end of the road. And I am!  The question is which road…

As there are lots of roads that end around the world, I am not sure that was even close enough. So I am awarding today’s Sunday Guest Star to Whitey and the G’s because they had the most creative answer, “Oh! We know! It’s the oft talked about but never akshully seen… THE End! hahahaha!”  And face it, I love the Purple People eater costume!

Well fortunately for all of you it is not the end of Find Chey Friday.  Certainly next week will be easier.   The Male is arguing for Man Made Hole, which is not so far down the road as to be at the End.   This End of the Road comes to you straight from Petersburg, Alaska.  It is the main road the runs along the edge of the island and this is where it all ends.   Not the island, which keeps going but the road, which does not.

Next week, of course I am looking for a suitably spooky place to hang for the Halloween. If you all have any photos that you yourself have taken, feel free to email me them.  You can get me at the contact form and I’ll send you a note back if you don’t have my email address!


  1. At least I’m getting in the right vicinity lately with my comments even if I never guess the exact location.

  2. I also love the Purple People Eater costume. I am looking forward to your spooky place next Friday.

  3. We almost signed up for Facebook yesterday just to read your hint…

  4. Woohoo! We”ll take an award of a win, even if we did not akshully know! We’re didn’t see the clue on FB. We’ll have to start paying more attention!

    Momma loves Gandalf’s Purple People Eater costume, too. All he has to do is catch a sunbeam just right and there it is… kind of like Dracula and the sun.

  5. We hope you can make your way back even though no-one found exactly where you are. Being at The End or the end of the road sounds scary because you could drop right off the edge of the world. “The End” and the Purple People Eater made mum think of Stephen King stories.
    We won’t be able to help look for you for the next two Fridays because we will be locked up again.

  6. You’re looking pretty great in purple and I hope someone finds you!

  7. We saw the hint and still didn’t know….

  8. We saw the hint too…we’re just not good at this.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. We love the purple!
    We are never, ever good at knowing where you are. Our Mom does not get around much, and it shows!
    Happy Sunday.. 🙂
    ~ The Bunch

  10. I had no clue to offer! I got the BlogPaws post last week, but by the time I got around to it, other kitties had already guessed correctly.

  11. Sorry no one found you, sweetie; we’re looking forward to seeing your spooky post next week, even though we are no good at this game!!…Hope you all have a great week…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. I couldn’t find your Facebook page, though I doubt if that would have helped me enough. I was thinking somewhere closer to home, where a highway has one of those total endings and you have to take the exit ramp or crash into the barricades.

    I am sure you feel slightly smug that you outfoxed us for once, Chey!

  13. Love this scary pic!

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