Wordy Wednesday

I have been fighting off Ichiro incursions into my body space on a regular basis.  I think Flat Chey had the right of it–get out of the house!  That kitten never settles down and he thinks he has to chew on my tail or attack me!  As if!

At any rate, the Woman came back from Blogpaws and has some plans for the main site that I blog on, My Siamese.  Right now it hasn’t been doing much, although at first she did sell some things from her affiliate links. However, that’s getting more and more difficult to do.  Anyway, she is thinking of revamping that site to include more Siamese.  She’ll feature more of her Siamese cat art on there (and other people who do Siamese cat art–Skeezix’s Mom for instance) but she also wants to do the pet finder widget to feature Siamese cats who are looking for a home and stuff like that.

I guess she needs to think about it as she is trying to code her shop site for her cards and acupuncture related gifts first.  I do not see how that is more important, but she thinks it is.

Also, she was asking what type of content you readers liked best.   You all like Ichiro, Gemini and then you liked it when I got in trouble during the election?!  You think Ichiro and Gemini are cute and I am only good for being in trouble?!  I am rather insulted…Oh you do like Find Chey Friday though which is nice.   I just hope you don’t like the fact that I get lost and that is a hint.

Here is Flat Chey at Blogpaws with a shirt.   If I had to wear a shirt, well… perhaps taming Ichiro is easier.  At least Gemini can help me with that.


  1. Chey, We think the thing we like the most is your narration. You have the perfect tone that all Cats would do well to emulate. You know, witty yet sarcastic!

  2. We LOVE you, Chey and we agree with Katnip Lounge=you are the star, sweetie!…Hope you are healing well and feeling much better everyday, beautiful girl…kisses….Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Well, Chey, duh – of course you are the star! I don’t mind seeing the other kitties, but they of course should defer to you (yes, Ichiro will have to learn!). I think anything you can do to support Siamese rescue would be great! Not everybody understands Siamese kitties – they are about so much more than mere looks. So it is important that they wind up in the right homes.

  4. We like all three of you, and anything that helps place homeless kitties is always good. For the rest, as long as your pages aren’t too graphics heavy, we love it.

  5. We like seeing all three of you, but of course the blog carries your name as it so rightly should and that proves that you are the star.

  6. It’s funny. Flat Chey has just as big a booty as Real Chey does.

  7. Yeah, we like witty and sarcastic banter too. But we also love Ichiro and Gemini ~ I guess we like a MIXTURE ~ including plenty of gorjuss floofy photos.

  8. We think you should blog about whatever gets your purr motor running, Chey!

  9. Chey, we like anything with you! That’s a given!! And some Ichiro and Gemini too!!

  10. Chey, you do need to be the star but maybe share the blog a little bit with Ichiro and Gemini. You sure are a cute kitty. We really like the idea of putting the Petfinder widget on your sidebar especially for the siamese kitties. Great idea.
    Have a great day.

  11. I want to see more Chey! More Chey pictures! More Chey political commentary! More Chey getting lost…I mean found! More Chey Meezerness!

    We love anything to do with Siamese rescue. That makes me purr because I’m part Siamese and my momma is Siamese. Purrrrr…..

  12. We haven’t been visiting long enough to offer a considered opinion. We just say do what is for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Concerned. If that’s to add info for Siamese rescue, awesome! We do enjoy reading about everyone, though!

  13. If it makes you happy Chey we will be happy too!!!

  14. Actually, we love each and every one of you and truly enjoy reading about all of your adventures!

  15. Well…we love your visits to our bloggie but we don’t seem to get around to visiting you enough.

    For us, maybe if you had one blog where we could read what we wanted, siam or not and shop and help rescues…instead of visiting separate blogs would be good for us, but then…until mewmie retires she said she’ll never have enough time on her hands…

    We are glad the flat you got to go to BlogPaws and we will have to keep in mind flat cats around pesky kittens for sure!

  16. I must say, Chey, your flat self looks pretty good!

  17. We enjoy reading about all 3 of you but really enjoy the insight you bring to all of your posts!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. That was flat Chey?!!
    We didn’t realize it until you said it!

  19. Chey, we just like reading posts about cats*, so posts about you, Ichiro, and Gemini are all good to us. We do have to say that we like your attitude – you are definitely the alpha around your house and we enjoy reading about that!

    Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    *our mom says she likes hearing about YOUR mom sometimes too – but you know how humans are!

  20. I love Miss Gemini!

    OK Ping we know you love and adore Miss Gemini and it’s Miss Gemini 24/7 with you, but the rest of like hearing about Ichiro and of course the star of this blog is Chey. It’s always been your blog Chey and I respect that as ManxMnews is about the Manx = me! I share it with the other 4 fluffies but it’s not because I want to. I love hearing about things that all of you do, and even though I am horrible at Find Chey Friday I love trying.


  21. Chey, you can discuss anything you need to as far as we are concerned 😉
    What we really like are the lovely pictures of you!!
    We also like pics of Gemini & even Ichiro !
    You 3 are ALL so good looking we want to see more !!
    We like to hear about your family dynamic too,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. Chey, you know we love you and Gemini too, and we have to admit that Ichiro is a bit of a cutie … hee hee! We love the Find Chey Fridays so much (and NOT because you are lost), but we also love all of your opinions regarding what is going on in your daily life, you call things as you see them!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  23. I love reading everything on your blog. I love your cattitude; Gemini’s floofiness, and Ichiro’s cuteness!

  24. Chey, we think you’d look very cute – uh, very pretty in a shirt! Simon looks good in them, doesn’t he??

    We enjoy reading ALL of your posts about you, Gemini & Ichiro. We are looking forward to seeing the “New & Improved” My Siamese!! We have a suggestion for you – could you talk to the peoples at Siamese Rescue (http://www.siameserescue.org) to put the spotlight on great meezers looking for a home there, too?? Just a thought!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  25. We are with Mishkat – we like to read about all you cats! But we do think that you are the star of the blog, and that the others are more like supporting characters, if that helps!

  26. Oh, you have your own t-shirt from BPW. How neat. We’ll look forward to seeing the changes she makes to your blog.

  27. Not enough Chey. We need more Chey.

    Selling and merchandising, not an easy task. We’ve sold some stuff on eBay, but its enough to buy extra treats and toys. When you get your store site remodeled, we’ll take a look around.

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