Thankful Thursday

Boy am I thankful that I got inside the bag to check out the gifts FIRST!   After all, if that little cat got in there first, what would be left?

Besides–wouldn’t you be more thankful with me under your tree rather than him?


  1. As senior cat, you SHOULD get to check new gifts out first!

  2. Tree…? Did you say tree???

    Is the big guy in the red suit coming soon? Presents…treats!!!

  3. Oh yeah, definitely get to the gift box first! Always!

  4. Christmas? We have to start to think about Christmas?

    That’s a not-so-little cat, Chey!

  5. I agree! Ichiro has not earned bag rights.

  6. Yeah, seniority counts for a lot ~ even though we love Ichiro too.

  7. We think both of you under the tree would be pretty nice!!

  8. We’re just impressed that you can fit in that bag, Chey! We’re envious of your lovely figure.

  9. Finders keepers – especially when bags, boxes and treats are involved.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. I agree, you should always be the Chief Inspector!!!

  11. It looks like Ichiro can’t wait for you to get out so he can check the bag out too.

  12. Cheysuli, that’s right! You need to always get to the presents first! You are the best gift inspector.

  13. We like your new Siamese with bow tie card. Well, not yours, Chey. Your human woman’s.

    We’re glad you got there first. Youngsters should learn to wait their turn.

  14. Cheysuli, first come first serve, so guess you get to pick which gifts that you want. Good job getting in the bag first. Wow a whole bag of toys, that is pretty exciting.
    Hope you have a great toy day.

  15. Chey, you just proved that you are quicker than the little imp 🙂
    That’s great ,because that means you get the goodies first!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. OH Chey that is such a cute picture…but where was Miss Gemini?
    I certainly would like to find Miss Gemini under my tree!

    your boyfriendcat
    (finally got some innernets!)

  17. Oh, Chey, I’ll bet every day with you is like Christmas! And congrats on your Q win!

  18. Is it time for the man in the red suit already?

  19. You get in there, Chey. But where’s Gemini?

  20. wait until yall put up tha tree fur Christmas. we bet yoo two fyt ofur who gets under it.

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