Tabby Tuesday

I think that if Momma is going to put down nip, well then I should use it!  I mean Ichiro gets all my cat foods because he is a little piglet.  Sometimes Momma puts him in a separate room so I can eat my food.  I like that.  I do not like to be rushed.

The other day he threw himself at me, so I stood up and threw myself at him, and Momma laughed because she said it was a big old body slam.  He respects me and does not bother me nearly as much as he bothers Cheysuli.  I like that.

He is not a bad kitten. He is just a kitten.  And if he does something that means that Momma squirts him with the water bottle and gets Chey, that is okay, so long as she does not accidentally get me!


  1. I bet that photo froze the action of you having a good roll in your nip! I am glad you and Ichiro get along kindof okay.

  2. Milo still get squirted wiv the water bottle even now ~ and he’s 2!

    Alfie xx

  3. Can’t you set it up so that they both get squirted???

  4. You can’t be a wuss when it comes to those kittens – you need to show them who is boss! I’m glad you understand this, Gemini.

  5. No question, kittens ARE a handful!

    BTW, everyone here gets the water bottle squirted at them from time time, and Derry is the youngest, at 3, while Annie is 10. So for some things, age has no relevance. LOL.

  6. Sounds like you figured out how to handle Ichiro pretty well, Gemini!

  7. Did you know we use that squirt bottle on our new woofie? Little woofie hates it and it keeps him out of stuff…for awhile. Can I trade you a little woofie for Ichiro?

  8. I hope that bottle doesn’t get you too, I understand it is no fun!

  9. Poor Chey getting squirted by accident. We cry fowl. Uh speaking of fowl we thinks we will eat one. We has to stick Artemisia in another room or she steals our foods.

  10. Oh, poor Chey! I wouldn’t like getting squirted, by accident or on purpose! Gemini, I agree that you should get to eat and have nip in peace. Mom doesn’t let Victor steal my treats (much) and we share two dishes that are almost always full. If he bugs me, I just come back a little later.

  11. Hey Chey, I fink we’s followin you round da blogosphere. Da last cupple of bloggies we commented, we was rite affer you! Kewl, huh? Ok, I won’t try to sniff yur… tail.

  12. Mum had the squirt bottle for us when we were little, but because we like water so much, we thought she was playing with us and would jump in the air to catch the water. She soon gave up playing squirt bottle with us.

  13. Chey! You’re the 2010 Viewer’s Choice Champ! Come and see! They loved you!

  14. Miss Gemini
    I am so glad to know that you were able to enjoy your nip in peace without any distraction. Nip is like that. YOu need to be into it. I am so proud of you to take the initiative with Ichiro. you are quite the ladycat.

    your boyfriendcat

  15. We’re glad you stand up to Ichiro….that’s all it takes to ensure that you get peace and quiet.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  16. MOL!! We would’ve loved to have seen you body slam Ichiro!! Not hard, mind you – but it’s just as funny as watching kitties wrasslin’!!

    Gemini, we have the same problem of food hogging with Jay – our Mom sometimes has to put him in a separate room so that he won’t disturb me or Simon. If I’m disturbed, I’ll just stop eating – but when Jay pushes in on Simon’s food, he seems to resort back to the days of when he had to fight his brothers & sisters for food & scarfs down his food so fast, he ends up losing it anyway (scarf & barf). So our Mom watches Jay – the feline garbage disposal very closely to make sure we ALL get our foods. It sounds like your Momma is the same way!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  17. Nothing like a body slam to get the respect you deserve 😉
    Chey needs to try a body slam instead of complaining,heehee

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. thats cute yoo and him wrestling. yall get along gud. we hafe tha water bottles too and all get sprayed. sometimes tha beans just mist tha air arownd us and we behafe or show us tha bottle werks too. efun tha pups get it.

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