Tabby Tuesday

Momma was taking all sorts of holiday photos of Ichiro for cards.   I washed my furs for the photoshoot so she could take a photo of me, but Ichiro jumped me and now my furs are all out of place. How can I be in the holiday cards if my furs are not perfect?!

That kitten is getting big. He is about four and half months old I think.  He has very big toes.  His kitten toes were bigger than mine even and I am a very cobby cat.   I think he is going to be a big boy.

He mostly attacks Cheysuli but sometimes he comes after me.  I swat him hard.  He does not mess with me nearly so much.  Sometimes he ambushes me though, like during the photoshoot.  Momma will be taking some more shots though!  And he might even have to wear a costume!!


  1. I think he and Buddah are related. So…I’m sorry…

  2. Gemini, you are purrfect, even if your furs are mussed up.

  3. The least he can do is wear a costume after intruding on your lives. I wonder if they make woofie costumes….oh yes…they do!

  4. Gemini, your furs are Purrfect! You are a Pretty Pretty Princess just like me!

    Baby Bothers….er brothers are such PAINS, aren’t they? I got tired of mine attacking me and now I taunt him into doing it and tattle on him. Or pounce his head and bunny-kick him. Depends if mommy’s nearby or not!

  5. A costume would serve him right!

  6. pee ess…Ginger wants Gemini to know she’ll be late with her Tabby Tuesday because we are having issues uploading photos to blogger.

  7. Gemini, you have the right idea. Swat swat swat. That’s what I do to the newcomers and I get RESPECT.

    tee hee for Ichiro and a costume!


  8. Hi Gemini! Swatting will teach little Ichiro a lesson, we hope! Pricilla knows how to do a good swat and the boys do not bother her much. Keiko does too, but the boys just think she’s playing and make fun of her! I think the big fur also helps Pricilla assert her dominance.
    We had a look through your previous posts and it is nice to meet Ichiro! He definitely should pose with a costume. Mawhawhaw!
    Hope Chey is doing well!
    Purrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  9. Ooh, I bet flat Skeezix can give some good costume advice! Good for you for standing up to the little tyke: best to establish the boundaries before he gets much bigger.

    You look perfect, even with your furs a bit rumpled.

  10. A costume sounds like apt revenge. Maybe one of those Spanish Easter parade things with the pointy hoods and face masks???

  11. Yoo could be on a card ennyday, ‘cos yoo are beautiful even when yoor furs are mussed up!

  12. Gemini, we’re sorry Ichiro messed up your furs. You do look very pretty there. We hope you get to be on a card too.

  13. We think you look beautiful, Miss Gemini – even if your fur is a little disarranged. Tasha sends sympathy – the mancats here are really bad about messing up her furs too!

    P.S. We love the photo of Chey and Ichiro from yesterday! We hope he is being relatively polite to both of you, though.

  14. Well, *we* think you look gorgeous, Gemini!

    As for Ichiro and a costume…Good luck with that. Poor Ichiro! LOL!

  15. HA! Are you getting to pick out the costume???

  16. Miss Gemini, sometimes you have to take a firm paw to kittens. We think your furs are beautiful, even if they are a bit messed up. We’re both tabby girls, though, so we may be a bit biased. And we think Ichiro should have to dress up like a troll if he’s going to keep acting like one!

  17. I know what you mean, Gemini. That Bibi s such a thug over here! And he is BIG too!


  18. More power to you if you are willing to wear a costume. We’ve tried that before, but to no avail. And as for Ichiro, I always thought the littlest sibling would grow out of it, but Maggie still pounces me all the time. Good luck!

  19. Gemini, no matter what happens, you always look perfect to us.

  20. Oh Miss Gemini
    Furrs in place
    Furrs outta place
    No need to worry one bit
    You are beautiful through and through.
    And we can’t wait to see the holiday pictures!

    your boyfriendcat

  21. Gemini we think you look adorable. And lots of beans pay good money to get that kind of “bed head” look for their hair – it is cool you can do it for free!

    And oh boy do we sympathize about the kitten – we have 2, and one is giant. Like seriously giant. So oh we so understand how you feel!

  22. AW! you will make such sweet & beautiful cards!!!

  23. Well, it is hard ta stop kittens from pouncing. They dont know much about how annoyin it is ta have yer furs mussed up in a pounce. It is nice of yer Mom ta give ya time to get yer furs back in place fer the Holiday pictures, though…

  24. I think your furs look very beautiful, Gemini! You can tell they have been recently brushed even if Ichiro messed them up a little. You just look natural — and that’s the best way to be.

    Yes, our Dylan is the youngest and he’s still the biggest pest of all — especially to Domino. Good luck, I say.

  25. Good!! We hope your Momma has lots & LOTS of costumes for Ichiro to wear!! Serves him right for messing up your beautiful floofy furs during your photoshoot!!

    Our Mom had a cat named Tigger (Bridge Oct 2005) who had big paws when he was a baby (he was also a poly) – she was just sure he was going to be a big boy!! Sure enough, Tigger grew to be 22lbs!! A big behemoth of a kitty, but our older brother, Austin (Bridge March 2010) swatted at him & kept him in his place – even after Tigger outgrew him!! So keep disciplining little Ichiro – he’s going to need you to keep him in line!! (& most likely he’ll still submit to you even if he outgrows you, too!!)

    …Not TOO hard, tho!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  26. kittens are soooo lyk that. yoo luk grate Gemini.

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