Tabby Tuesday

It is hard to be a puffy cat in a house full of Meezers.  Ichiro jumps on me just because he can sometimes.  Momma is very proud of me when she sees me sit on my back legs and puff up and swat him!  I am glad that she is not mad that I have to do that sometimes. He is a little poop.

The other day he kept patting me on the head with his paw.  I did not want to play. I look at him and then I turned and yawned.   I do not know if he got the message.

He is a piggy too.   Cheysuli used to be like that.  Now Momma has to put him in a room so I can eat.  I do like the new foods she is getting.  It is good.  I hope she keeps it up.


  1. Gemini, you are such a good girl to put up with the little pest. I think I should send you Figaro, then Ichiro and Figaro can pounce on each other and leave all of us alone.

  2. You’s such a purrty brown tabby cat. And sorta floofy, too.
    Love & Purrs,

  3. You are being very patient with Ichiro, Gemini. Kittens can be a pawful. I am glad that Cheysuli is well again and happy that you are enjoying all the new foods coming into the house.

  4. Oh man, I remember when Buddah used to try to ride me like I was a pony. Good that you’re whapping Ichiro once in a while. He seems like a good kitty, but even good kitties need a pawminder once in a while…

  5. Gemini, sometimes siblings can be pests=we are pretty close, but we have our moments too…Hang in there; you might start to like him!…kisses, beautiful friend….Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Good for you for just yawning at Ichiro when he was patting at you!

  7. you’re a sweetheart. I think the yawn’s devastating but probably too subtle for a baby cat.

  8. Aww Gemini, you do look like a little puff ball sitting there. Ichiro has no manners patting you on the head. We surely would never have done such a thing at his age….would we? That was a stroke of genius yawning at him like that. He should have got the message. Maybe I should send Flynn to keep him company. Although he is the same age as me, he thinks he is still a kitten and can be quite annoying at times.

  9. Gemini, you put up with so much! I don’t know if I would have the patience.

  10. Gemini, we are very proud yoo are so tolerant of the little pip-squeak! But he is adorable ~ isn’t he?

  11. You are such a good but firm sisfur. Must admit your fluffed up look is gorgeous.

  12. Gemini, you gotta stand your ground against those young whippersnappers!! Good job! Pretty soon, Ichiro will leave you alone, unless you don’t want to be!

  13. Gemini, may I say that you are looking beautiful today!

  14. Gemini, you are doing a good job keeping the bebbeh kitty in line!

  15. Poor Gemini! Kittens can be obnoxious. We are glad you are standing up to Ichiro – he needs the training.

  16. Gemini, you are such a beautiful floofy cat. Ichiro will learn!!!

  17. Gemini, we think you’re doing well with Ichiro. Young ones can be a pain sometimes and you do have to discipline them, make sure they don’t cross the line! So good for you!

  18. good job with Ichiro – it’s hard to teach these little ones any manners

  19. You are very nice to put up with the pestering!

  20. Someday Ichiro will thank you for all of the things you are teaching him.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  21. Gemini, your furs are so floofy it looks like you stuck your tail in a light socket! We bet is also is great for protecting your skins from those tiny, sharp kitten claws.


    Nico: *Ahem* doubtful you brat – you cause most of the problems!! Ha!! I have the same problem with Jay & Simon – they eat ALL of my food before I can get to it, so Mom has to put me in a room – WHICH I HATE!! I run every time I see her coming during food time, so she’s trying different things, like putting my food up high so the other two won’t get to me (& of course ANY noise startles me & makes me stop eating) She says I’m the most difficult cat she’s ever tried to feed – What the heck, woman? I’m a meezer – we live by our OWN rules!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

    ps. It’s good that you are showing little Ichiro where his boundaries are, as cute as he is – he’s also the youngest!!

  23. Want us to send you a sister bebbeh kitty, Gemini? Because we totally will.

    Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey.

  24. Oh my gudness!

    Miss Gemini you are so beautiful. That picture of you is stunning.

    If you need me to come over and show Ichiro a little mancat lesson I will for you my sweet puffalo!

    your boyfriendcat

  25. It is impawtant ta discipline the kitties sometimes. Glad ya are likin the new foods. We just got a buncha new ones ta try too! We will be gettin one new flavor a day each week fer a while…

  26. It’s a lot to cope with right now, but we think you are doing very well!

  27. Are yoo aware that yer woman is preparing to abandun yoo all??? Better eet up cuz yoo mite starve to deth wile she’s gone.

  28. Sigh… you are so beautiful, lady Gemini…

  29. Gemini, you are certainly showing great patience with the little guy.

  30. We had no internet at home when this picture was posted, but now we want you to know that our Lady has it on her computer and can’t stop squeeing at it.

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