Sunday Guest Star:Ayla and Iza

Within a very short time of posting Find Chey, Ayla and Iza came to my rescue.  They said, “We GOT it! Yer at Ellensburg, Washington. The Ellensburg Bull, sculpted by artist Richard Beyer in 1986, sits on a bench in the Rotary Pavilion. Funded by donations from more than 200 local residents, the sitting bull is not cute, but vaguely anthropromorphized.”

Simba, and Dante and Crew also got the answer right.

Indeed, we did visit Ellensburg.   I believe that Pixel and Samba thought I was at Well’s Fargo, but I am actually BESIDE a Well’s Fargo here, not at it.  But they were close.

Mao asked, “Ware’s Smartypants ‘Kaika???”  You know Mao, I don’t know.  It worries me that he never even dropped by.

Brain suggested this was Sitting Bull.  Max asked a really good question, “Hmmm, you know, the real question is, why is there a bull on the bench?”  I think that is an important question. Perhaps I will ask Max at his site…


  1. Yay for Ayla and Iza. All I knew is that you were on a sitting bull.

  2. Congratulations to Ayla and Iza. They really nailed it.

  3. Concats to Ayla and Iza. A bull lives at the next farm to us but no way would we be sitting on his lap!

  4. Concats to Ayla and Iza. Chey, I think you were very brave to sit in the bull’s lap. For many reasons …….

  5. Well just look at them, you can tell how smart they are!

  6. Congrats to Iza and Ayla!!

  7. Nice to see a couple of cute meezers helping to find you 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Mickey

  8. Ayla and Iza sure were quick and clever this week!

  9. Good thing you have a lot of friends to rescue you, Chey. You know that wherever you go and however lost you are, that at least one friend will persevere until you are safe.

  10. We were very glad we could help find you so quickly, Chey! We have heard that bulls can be very dangerous to be around…

  11. so many smart kitties though, making a bold guess!
    concats to Ayla and Iza!


  12. I have five words for yoo: Big Bus. I hate yoo.

  13. Shood we send owt a serch teem for ‘Kaika????

  14. Well done Ayla and Iza! We missed the whole thing 🙁

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