Mini Mancat Meezer Monday

I am disheartened that the Woman is taking photos and trying to sell cards with Ichiro’s image on them.   When they can choose me, why would they choose him?!


  1. Oooo, I would be mad too Chey!

    But I have to admit, that is a really nice picture of Ichiro.

  2. I have no idea…but maybe it’s because he’s so adorable, and has such beautiful blue eyess, or his cute meezerness, or…uh…sorry Chey I got carried away.

    Really I have no idea.

  3. *sigh*
    It’s a pity how Humans are such suckers for kittens…he’ll grow and then you, Chey, will once again rule supreme. As is your right.

  4. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! All the fancy cards should have YER picture on them Chey. YOU are the main cat here and should be in the pictures.

    We are very worried about this.

  5. What a bummer!!! We think you should be on the cards Chey!!
    You TX furiends,

  6. Precisely. It’s because people have no taste.

  7. Who can figure anything out with these humans?

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. we agree Chey, we would like to see YOU on some cards

  9. It’s a bit cheeky, isn’t it? How can yoor mom expect yoo to accept Ichiro when she does underpaw stuff like that? But it’s not Ichiro’s fault!

  10. Oh no, she didn’t!

  11. Hey, We bet that people will buy BOTH!!!

  12. We think it’s because he’s still a kitten, Chey…you know how humans are about kittens. Just wait til he grows up…

  13. We think you both will do great on the cards!!

  14. The photo is lovely! What was the filter effect used? Was it done in PhotoShop? Other?

    Chey, the Katnip Lounge crew said it purrfectly!

  15. I think the Mom has to promise to get a fabulous picture of all three of you together for a card. With Christmas hats on.

  16. Yes, it’s disheartening that humans are mesmerized by the cuteness if kittens. What about us older cats. Doesn’t wisdom and experience count for anything?!


  17. Humans will do anything for green papers, Chey!

    P.S. Our mom loves “Siamese in Shadow” – is that you? (we can’t really tell because of the lighting!)

  18. You are both photogenic!

  19. We are shocked! That is disgraceful. Of course it should be you on the cards.

  20. we is appawled. how COULD she???

  21. Chey what is it about kittens that make them all go ”oooo” and “ahhhh”?

    Helloooo Miss Gemini and yes, I was dreaming about you!

    your boyfriendcat

  22. Next time she pulls out the camera ready to take a shot of his fuzzy face, just go over and sit right on top of him!
    THAT would make a great picture! I would buy a card with that image on it!

    bonkbonk! Chey. Stay strong and feisty

  23. Don’t worry Chey! It’s always like this when there’s a new baby around. They want to take lots of pictures because Ichiro is growing up so fast and they want to remember what he was like as a kitten.

    I’m sure you’re still the favFURite!

  24. Gee Chey!! Let’s face it, the world is all about the young and pretty/handsome .
    It should be about the wiser better looking ones 😉 Oh well,let the kid have his day! This too shall pass and he will lose that young kitten look.
    Thank you for the ham,it was great. We enjoyed it while Mom was
    trying to understand the ‘puter.Turns out it was a minor glitch.
    I’m not old, Mom makes me that way!!! hahaha

    Purrs Mickey

  25. I don’t blame you for being upset, but Ichiro is awfully cute!

  26. Hmmmmm …

    Perhaps a new merchandising deal may be in order.

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