Mini Mancat Meezer Monday

Look!  My new friend Skeezix has come to visit me!   He wanted to see Seattle so Momma brought him home from Blogpaws West!

I talked to him and we decided he will stay for awhile to teach me to be a big mancat!  I am examining his toes so I know how to use color like that too…


  1. Ichiro, keep in mind that Skeezix has white paws and yours are dark. So you will probably want a lighter hue on your claws than his.

    P.S. My human enjoyed meeting your human at BlogPaws!

  2. Mom just read on FB that there were Ichiro teethmarks in Flat Skeezix!

  3. Ooooo, I should have put the bitey on him when I had the chance…although now all I want to do is paw through my swag bag.

  4. It’s a lofty goal to become as ManCatly and studly as Skeezix. We wish you luck!

  5. Your mom got to bring flat Skeezix home? Is he sick or just visiting?

  6. Such a cute photo!…Happy week, silly friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. I am glad everybody has their Moms back after Blogpaws.

    Ichiro, you are getting big!

  8. It sounds like BlogPaws was awesome! And we are chuckling at the teef marks in Flat Skeezix!

    :whispers: Ichiro, yoo get more cute by the day!

  9. Blogpaws sounds like it was fun!

  10. That is so cool that Skeezix came to visit, y’all show Skeezix the Seattle Sites…maybe the Space Needle too!

  11. Flat Skeezix is sooo cool!

  12. Ichiro, you can learn a lot of important mancat stuff from Flat Skeezix!

  13. Skeezix is a big studly mancat – I hopes to be like him one day too! – Nicky

  14. Wow, how exciting. Skeezix is looking quite colorful! 🙂

  15. Flat Skeezix looks a little intimidating to us in that outfit! (But you look very cute – as always!)

  16. We bet Skeezix could write a book on being Mancatly, Ichiro! Akshully, we are surprised that he hasn’t done that yet!

  17. Ichiros finking now he wants an owtfit after seeing Skeezixy in his clothes.

  18. HEY SKeezix, it is good that you came to visit Chey. The perfect place for a vacation.
    do you think Ichiro will like another kitty guy around for a while? I do!


  19. Ichiro
    I see you admiring Skeezix’s pawsies. Yes indeed you could have paws just like that!

    Helllllllllllllllloooo Miss Gemini!
    Would you like to join me in some sunbeams?

    your boyfriendcat

  20. Skeezix is very clever and can teach you lots of mancatly things.

  21. Ichiro, you have a super role model in Skeezix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mom thinks you are TOO cute(just a warning because she is touchy,feely)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. You have a great teacher!

  23. We know Skeezix will teach you a lot about being a mancat, Ichiro!!

  24. I’ll git yoo all manned up in no time, Ichiro!

  25. we hope he teeches yoo gud.

  26. Skeezix is a good role model for anny confident mancat!

  27. We are not sure we could behave with decorum if we had a ‘celebrity’ in the house! We would have to put the ‘love bitey’ on him, too!

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