LiveStrong Together

We are joinging Milo and Alfie in supporting LiveStrong. The Woman’s father is not a cancer survivor, but he did have cancer.  We support other survivors by walking in the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer walk and by donating what we can to the ACS.  We are happy to find a place like Livestrong that focuses on survivorship.

LiveStrong’s focus is,

  • We must provide access to quality cancer care for everyone.
  • We must improve the quality of life for people affected by cancer.
  • We must manage cancer through prevention, early detection, planning and data collection, with an emphasis on survivorship.
  • We must invest in and align research with health outcomes.


  1. It is some important to make this everyone’s focus too!

  2. Our family has been touched several times by cancer, with loved ones not surviving, as well as surviving. We will be supporting Livestrong as well.

  3. We’re sorry to read your human’s dad is not a cancer survivor.. It’s a horrible disease.

  4. My lady has canser but it is good becuz of it she had to sleep in the cat bedroom with me this week, not in the bedroom with the man and that stoopid cat Tripper.

  5. We will be supporting it too. Our mum lost both her parents far too early to cancer.

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