Find Chey’s Find Chey Friday Post

Okay so what is the Woman’s excuse this week?  She was supposed to have artwork to show off and auction but she’s not happy with it yet so it’s not ready.  Of course she’ll never be happy with it, but that’s just her.

You know it’s an excuse…so what really happened to me this Friday?  Don’t worry after BlogPaws, we will be back to a regularly scheduled Find Chey Friday!


  1. I bet I can find flat Chey next Friday!!!! And it’s going to be a flat me that finds her!

  2. Have fun at BlogPaws!…Hope you are still feeling better, Chey…Happy holiday weekend, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Not only is my human going to BlogPaws, she’s spending most of her time at a vintage film festival this weekend! Feh. I need a new assistant.

  4. We don’t unnerstand why the humans are spending so much time on themselves and their stuff…we should be all that matters!!!

    Mom wishes she was going to Blogpaws this time, but she says definitely next year!!

  5. Honestly ~ hoomans are hopeless, always doing their own stuff! :sigh:

    We hope yoo are feeling better Chey! Smoochies.

  6. My Mom has had her head in the sand – Blogpaws? She better shape up.

    Chey, are we supposed to try to answer the question of what you are doing today? Getting some rest, I hope, and getting to like Ichiro a little better.

  7. BlogPaws is a very good excuse!

  8. Chey, the ONLY place we want to find you is nose deep in the food bowl! Rest and recover…and chase the baby fuzzball.

  9. We think BlogPaws is a pretty good reason too. And we, too, hope you’re nose-down in the food bowl 🙂

    P.S. Looking forward to seeing some of your mom’s artwork!

  10. We hope you are eating better now Chey. If not, you better be careful or Ichiro will be eating all your hams.

  11. When Mom is not blogging (5 out of 7 days) we are sure she is dreaming up excuses for anything!!!!!
    We demand pictures of you Chey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are also happy you are well !
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  12. Oh Chey are you going with your Mom to BlogPaws?

    Miss Gemini I can keep you company and keep Ichiro entertained! I would like to play with a kitten.

    your boyfriend cat

  13. My mom wishes she was going.

  14. Chey!!!
    If I findz you I bets you are travfullin’ & eatin’ pasta wit sardeenz in Italy. Didz you reedz da book Eat, Purrz, Love???? It iz furry instructional & I tinks you wooldz like it. It iz about a cat dat goez on a spirrytual qwest & den eats & eats & iz nevfur hassled by other catsez unless she wants to be. & if she puts on a few poundzez… who carez?
    She vizitz a meddy-sin woman in da Thai-land… your homeland. & den gets to comez home when she iz good & ready!!!
    Dr Tweety

  15. At least we know where you are this week: home! And for us, that’s a triumph.

  16. Yer Bein was out partyin. Get her for that!

  17. Blogpaws sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll let Mom go next year.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. I read it on Katnip Lounge! Chey sat on Ichiro and snuggled with him on Momma’s lap for a whole hour!

  19. Jan says if she can’t go to BlogPaws, we can’t either. So we won’t be there. But we hope your human has a good time.

  20. BlogPaws sounds very fun. Will flat Chey, Gemini and Ichiro be going to? :)xxx

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