Find Chey Friday

Well now, this looks like a nice place to hang out.  Hey! YOU! With the big booty–watch where you’re walking!  You almost stepped on my tail!  Can someone get me out of here?!  I mean these people will walk any where!

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  1. We aren’t even goona guess…..but we hope you gave a proper hiss at whoever almost walked on your tail!

  2. Are you in Juneau Alaska? So many diamond stores….

  3. Are you in Skagway, Alaska?

  4. And isn’t the Golden North Hotel in this picture haunted????

  5. Are you about to cross State Street in Skagway Alaska?

  6. Mum recognised that one right away. We didn’t even have to google it. She recognised the wooden front of the building up the street on the left. It is Skagway, Alaska.

  7. She just looked at her photo of the building and it says’ AB’ on it three times, ‘Camp Skagway No.1’ and the date is 1899.

  8. pee-ess
    We forgot to say that AB stands for Arctic Brotherhood. Mum has just been looking up her notes from when they visited there on a cruise.

  9. I pick B.

  10. I was going to say you were in a small village at the foot of the mountains and that you needed a lot of green papers because there sure were a lot of diamond shops there.

  11. It’s obviously somewhere very exotic…

  12. We guessed it but others did before us! Mom was in Skagway on her cruise and recognized it right away!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. We have no clue where you are, but you can join us snuggling and cuddling whenever you like. You are always welcome at our house and in our bed.

    Roxy & Lucky

  14. It looks like the purrfect place for cat burglars to plan their next diamond heist!

  15. Well Lots of people recognized Skagway (and all sorts of little town tidbits). ‘Kaika got it first though!

  16. I think you should get out of there before your tail gets hurted!
    ~ Anna Sue

  17. We had no clue as usual, but it sure looks like a really beautiful town!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  18. Well, we’re late as usual and some other cats have already guessed correctly, we think. We don’t know where you are, Chey. But we think you’re in Alaska somewhere.

  19. No matter where you are Chey, I’m just disappointed I didn’t see Whitey in the background checking out diamonds for a certain black furred ladycat…

  20. watch yur tail Chey. luks lyk yur owt shopping. we no know wehere though.

  21. Yeah, other than in some town, we hve no idea where you are this week Chey!

  22. Well, we know you’re somewhere where people are careless about where they put their feet!

  23. Pixel and Samba says:

    No clue but you should be in that Diamond store blinging yourself out

  24. We don’t know but would hope that you have not taken up sitting on street corners looking for strangers to, well, ummm, you know, do bad things with.

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