Find Chey Friday

Well there wasn’t room for Flat Skeezix on the lap here, so I sent him off.   Now I hope that when I wake up I’ll know who I am on and where I am.. but some laps just look so cozy…

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  1. Yer sitting on a bull statue. We KNOW we got that one right…

  2. We GOT it!

    Yer at Ellensburg, Washington

    The Ellensburg Bull, sculpted by artist Richard Beyer in 1986, sits on a bench in the Rotary Pavilion. Funded by donations from more than 200 local residents, the sitting bull is not cute, but vaguely anthropromorphized.

  3. Pixel and Samba says:

    I was going to say you were outside a wells fargo bank

  4. Congratulations Ayla and Iza. When you cats decide to find out where I am, you really do it!

  5. Pixel and Samba, I think technically I was BESIDE a Wells Fargo…

  6. Wowie!!! That was fast!!! Congratulations to Ayla & Iza for knowing where you were!!
    Your TX furiends,

    PS: Thanks for leaving a comment for Clemmie!! Mom has lots to learn!!

  7. hahahahahahaha – we don’t visit for MONTH – and of course we come on a FRIDAY with NO idea where you are at….
    when Mrs. OZ relocates her carrot (every morning like clockwork!) the whole neighborhood can hear it! but we had no idea that other cats do the same strange thing…. are you relocating a carrot too? or something else?
    Mrs. OZ also sneaks it in the maid’s bed at night, hahahahahahahahahaha – many a night did the maid wake up like the princess on the pea – upps, carrot that is!

  8. Concats to Ayla and Iza. We didn’t have a clue!

  9. Oh, I see I am too late to be first to say you are in Ellensburg Washington. That looks like a fun lap, Chey, even though I bet it was a bit hard.

  10. Well, other kitties already figured it out…we just hope that guy doesn’t give you any bull****, Chey!!

  11. I was going to say, “Holy Cow, Chey, where are you now and why are you on that’s bull’s lap!”

  12. Glad someone figured out where you are cause we sure didn’t have a clue. I think we would be careful sitting on a bulls lap especially since it looks like a stiff seat. Great picture.
    Have a great week end.

  13. Yes, you are in Ellensburg, WA at the Rotary Pavilion sitting on the bull sculpted in 1986. That’s a lot of bull, Chey!

  14. Geeze, we had not idea and not a chance! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

    Love, uSSSSS

  15. Well, that’s something you don’t see every day…a cat sleeping on a cow’s lap! But, as usual, Mom has no clue where you are.

  16. I do not know! You look so happy outside!
    Happy week-end to you and your sister and the wild kitten

  17. Dunno ~ but the Bull is awesome!

  18. I guess that is Sitting Bull!

  19. We figured out you were by a drive-through somewhere but that’s about it! That sculpture is really amazing (and we hope it is comfortable too!)

  20. don’t get into the bull crap! MOL

  21. Oh we are late…and clueless…are you sure that lap is comfortable Chey?

  22. Hmmm, you know, the real question is, why is there a bull on the bench?

  23. We were gonna say you were nappin on top of a concrete bull with his legs crossed … Chey that doesn’t look comfy.

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini have a great weekend.

    It’s going to rain here.

    your boyfriendcat

  24. Gee Chey!!!!! Inter species dating? heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Um iz you at da zoo in See-cattle? (I reelize dats you iz in frontz of da wellz of Fargo, so I hopes you aren’t plannin’ a heist after dat nap! Altho’ da banksez sure gots da moo-ve on us, didn’t dey?!)

  26. Ware’s Smartypants ‘Kaika???

  27. Bet that lap is nice & warm in the sun, wherever it is!

  28. We don’t know, but you find the worst, rocky-est, hardest places to nap. Can’t you find someplace warm and snuggley to nap?

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