Wordy Wednesday

Cheysuli has kindly allowed me to take over her blog to tell the people asking about the Animal Communicator.   I went to see Polly Klein at Tonglen Healing Arts.  Chey and I were able to visit in person but she does do remote sessions.

When I made the appointment she emailed me an intake form and asked me to send it before I came.  Part of that included questions I wanted to ask Cheysuli.  When we arrived for our appointment, she met Chey and I at the door.  I sat and chatted with her initially.  Chey was allowed out to explore the office, which included a bathroom area.  Chey hid behind the toilet.   Polly talked to me about what I called Chey about our life a little more completely.   Also she clarified questions I had for Chey, so she asked the right thing.  For instance, I asked her what she liked to eat.   Polly wanted to clarify if that was a flavor or if I were thinking of dry or canned food.

Then she settled in to talk to Chey.  I went to use the restroom.   Chey immediately started to squeak a bit and then she followed me out of the bathroom and explored a bit more.  Polly told me at the end of the session, when we talked again that she had talked to Chey about what this place was and told her that it was a safe place for all animals.  It was safe for her to come out.  Chey wanted to know what went on there and Polly explained that it was so they could talk and then she would let me know what they talked about.

Cheysuli was quite worried that Ichiro is here for me–she is worried he will take part of my attention away from her.  She was much appreciative to learn that he is there for my husband. Unsurprisingly, she thinks my husband is beneath her and so is Ichiro, so that is good for them to be “for” each other!  Her illness seems to be all stress related and Polly could feel all of that even when they talked about Ichiro.  I found it interesting that when Cheysuli was asked about Georgia (in case she didn’t want to bond for fear of that loss) her response was, “He is NOT my Georgia.”  Gemini is separate but equal with her and there didn’t seem to be any ownership there.

We are using a Vi Miere flower remedy called family for use when there are family issues.  This is a non alcohol based flower essence that you spray in the air above the pet or on your hands and then rub them together and rub the cat.   I do not know that this is working greatly but I think Cheysuli is getting more relaxed–although she still seems to want to fight Ichiro.

I asked if Chey had anything else she wanted me to know.   She asked Polly what I did when I went away during the day.   Polly had to ask me what I did and she explained to Cheysuli and Chey seemed satisfied by that.  She said she doesn’t worry that I won’t come home when I go away–she is very secure in that.  Her big issue is that Ichiro is in her territory and she does not wish to share me.  But she might be willing to accept that he is there for my husband(those lower creatures!).  She doesn’t particularly like my husband because he takes my attention from her sometimes, but she realizes he is not going anywhere and she can live with that.


  1. LSP Momma Becca here.

    That’s very interesting!! I would LOVE to find out why Meeko & Kiara don’t get along at all. They’ve been together for almost 9 years, and still hiss, growl, etc every day. Although, when we move, they do settle down and rely on each other some (I know that they’re comfy when the fighting starts back up!) Frustrating for me at times.

  2. That is so cool! Once a long time ago when my guardian angels Lewis and Maxfield were fighting all the time we found an animal communicator that told us that there was an “imposter Lewis” in the yard and this confused Maxfield. Turns out she was right…but it took out dog Colby to confirm it because the “imposter Lewis” looked EXACTLY like our Lewis…but Colby knew he smelled different. Smart woofie.

  3. That is really interesting! My human wants to talk to an animal communicator to find out why I am such a picky eater! And why Boodie always acts like she thinks she is doing something wrong – when she almost never gets called out for doing anything!

  4. Wow!!! That was cool that the Animal Communicator could talk to Chey and then tell you what she said!! Me and Clemmie still hiss and play, but since her Lady-gardenectomy I am much more tolerant of her!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  5. That is very interesting; we would love to talk to an animal communicator…We hope Chey stops stressing and feels better soon…Happy Wednesday, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. I had a feeling, as I think you know, that Chey had an issue about Ichiro. Hopefully she now understands and will come to love – or at least tolerate – him and that she will fully recover her health and appetite. I don’t understand the reference to Georgia – “HE…?” Does Chey think (or did she think) that Ichiro might be a substitute or replacement for Georgia?

    I would love to know why Alfie rushes up to Simba and sniffs him whenever they meet face-to-face and often tries to bite his neck, whereupon Simba either turns away in disdain, or bats Alfie on the nose and then legs it. :::Sigh:::

  7. We hope Chey feels much better soon. Yoo can send Ichiro to us if it will help ~ ‘cos Mom thinks him adorable!

    Love to Chey!

  8. We hope that things settle down soon. Is Chey eating any more or is she still just nibbling fishy flakes?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. I really hope this little communicating session will help Chey’s stress, and she can relax more, and not be worried about Ichiro. Did Chey reveal what she likes to eat?

  10. How interesting. We do hope that Chey will feel better now. WE LOVE YOU CHEY!

  11. That is very interesting. I think all of us figured (hoped) that the non-eating may have something to do with stress about Ichiro. Hopefully, the communicator can help Chey understand that things are okay.

    Mom says this is one reason she hasn’t brought another kitten into our house is because she is worried about the stress it may cause me at my age.

  12. Polly sounds like such a kind and gentle human – I’m glad Chey and you were able to meet with her. I hope Chey is able to get Ichiro into the proper place within her head and feel all right about him being there (in my experience it takes a while but they do sort it out – I’m sure the communicator really facilitates that, though!)

    And thanks again for all your purrs!

  13. Wow, we didn’t know they paid people to talk to us. We shall have to see if Mommy can get a job doing that she talks to us all the time. Daddy thinks she is weird and doesn’t believe she really knows what we are saying but she does.

  14. we hopes that Chey starts to feel more ‘alaxed. and that Ichiro and the dad bond! That will help lots

  15. That was very interesting. We hope that now Chey knows that Ichiro is The Male’s kitten that she will be able to relax and her stress levels will go down.

  16. That was quite interesting. Hey, I’m pretty much a human communicator!

  17. I did that with Lucky. It was very interesting. The lady said that Lucky did not even want to remember being a puppy in a 4′ pen, that is was “hades” to her. She just wanted to love people and cuddle with them. The lady did tell Lucky that she didn’t have to get worried about her food being taken away and she could stop growling while eating. For the most part that has disappeared.
    Glad to see Chey is doing better. Hopefully she will destress a lot now.

    Roxy’s mom

  18. That’s actually pretty cool- we liked hearing about it!!! thank you for sharing with us!

  19. Hi Che!! We are happy that you feel a bit less stressed now 🙂
    The Man and Ichiro, lesser beings, heeheehee
    No wonder you feel better. We purr that you stay better too 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. Oh my that was really interesting and it helped Momma understand Abby more. The vet told Momma that Abby is possessive of her (when Momma thought Abby was being super protective) and she realizes that the vet was right. She is. She is also very intolerant of Boo. She fusses at all of us, but she is terrible to Boo, who generally ignores her. But Abby fears Boo more than anyone else to take Momma’s love from her. She doesn’t realize that isn’t how Momma works.

    We hope that Chey will relax now that she understand about Ichiro.
    I am glad that Miss Gemini you are not stressing too.

    your boyfriendcat

  21. I think if you peel back the layers and the basic instinct of of us, it has to do with territory and the leader of the pack. Be it humans, cats, or dawgs, someone is always a little more in charge. Until that power is communicated, assured, and acknowledged there will be stress. Think about any relationship, for instance when you are first with someone. Even if it’s all roses in the beginning there is eventually a time when someone emerges as dominant. Then add into the mix how we cannot change the other being, we can only change how we deal with them. Until that acceptance occurs there is conflict.

    I hates to say it but Mommy still chases me around when I put da paw on Angie… She hates to see Angie bow down to me now but I finks it happened just acuz I am a younger stronger man cat.
    ~Beau Beau

  22. That is awesome! It is amazing what we think about that our beans don’t know. Our animal communicator, Judy, is fantastic. She really gets me. Even last week when mommy said to me “Miss Judy will be talking to you (remotely) tomorrow while you have some quiet time” I perk my ears up.

    I think it is great your mommy and daddy were open to this. Truly, they will see a huge difference in your behavior now. Did Polly tell your beans how to “talk” to you? Turn off all apliances like the TV, get into a peaceful state of mind (my mommy struggles with this ha ha ha) and speak both out loud and thru the “third eye” with pictures.

    It really helps me understand the big things (like the stinky boy)

  23. Whoa, that’s WAY cool! I wish someone would help my people understand what I’m thinking and feeling.

  24. So in this foto, are yoo sukking and plukking yer townales? Cuz that’s whut I do. I just thot mancats did it.

  25. Chey speaking with an animal communicator must have been very interesting and exciting experience. Not often do we, as the “staff”, get a direct insight of what’s on their minds. If anything, it may mean we need to ask for permission on certain things in the household more often and communicate with them as equals.

  26. We used miss daWN It was very inresteing not what i expecuted at all i learned LL did not like mu shue and i learned that Maxie iget loney some times at night and he not hungry all the time

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