Wordy Wednesday

Gemini reporting on the latest Cheysuli update:  Momma is still waiting on the results of an FELV/FIV test they added due to some other weird stuff in her blood work.  She has been tested before but the Woman doesn’t know if SHE had her vet test of if the breeder’s vet tested her.  She had paperwork showing FELV negative on her.

Chey hissed at Ichiro last night which is good.   She was bathing herself a lot and got up and scratched on the carpet and the scratching post.  She ate some fish flakes. She even went to the food dish, but she only ate some fishy flakes there so Momma was a little disappointed.  She is hoping that as she gets better she will start eating some more solid food than just fishy flakes.   She hates hates hates force feeding her, although the last two times have gone a little easier, as Chey is actively swallowing and not just letting it dribble out the sides of her mouth.

Organ function is good.  Her monocytes (part of the immune system) were slightly elevated suggesting bacterial involvement.  The weird part was that her red blood cells were nucleated. Normally red blood cells do not have a nucleus but these were. Typically that is seen in cases of anemia, but Cheysuli is not anemic.   It can be an endotoxin response (say her immune system killed off a lot of nasty bacteria really quickly) or it could be lead poisoning or it could be something like feline leukemia.   Leukemia is the most typical and as this vet never tested her they are retesting her.  I hope it is negative because then I could have it too!  That is what scares Momma the most is the idea of having to manage a full household of FELV kitties again (she had to do that once).

I can’t wait until Cheysuli is all better.  This kitten is a lot to handle for a little cat like me!

Momma and I want to thank KC and Zoolatry for the graphic that people have and all the kitties who are purring. Maybe that is why Chey healed so quickly that she had this endotoxin response–our purrs are just so strong!  And well, you know how Cheysuli doesn’t like to be fussed over in certain ways…. We are purring hard for Zoolatry’s Poppy too.  Even Chey, cause she is purring even though she is sick.


  1. Purrs and Purrayers are strong stuffs and they do work.
    Effurryone is purring fur Chey and for a couple of others… I put a list at the top of the Cat Blogosphere today. It’s just too im-pawtant not to do.
    You just get well, Chey, that’s all we want.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. We are praying and purring loudly for Chey to recover quickly and have great test results…That is a gorgeous photo of her…Best of luck, we anxiously await your updates…kisses…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Thanks for the update on Chey, Gemini!! We are purrring & praying for her to get better!!!
    ((((((((((HUGGGGGGSSSSSSSS))))))))))))) from your TX furiends,

  4. Thank you again, Miss Gemini. We are purring non-stop for Chey and for your Momma, too.

  5. Get well soon dear Chey. Sending lots and lots of love, purrs and hugs your way..

  6. Chey, please get well. We all love yoo and our mom wants to hear yoor attitude again. We are purring and praying lots for yoo to get better. Smoochies.

  7. I am continuing to purr for Chey, and for all of you!

  8. Well, that would be a real bummer if Chey has FELV or FIV. We’ll sure purr hard that she doesn’t. Gemini, you are good to have taken over the blogging role so well.

  9. Hissing at a kitten, bathing herself, scratching and streching? That’s wonderful!! Come on Chey, just get nomming up those fish flakes please. Still purring up a storm of wellness for you!

    Whicky et al

  10. We’re purring for Chey too. We know how scary it is not knowing what’s going on and we’re purring that it’s not FELV or FIV.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. We hope Chey starts eating more on her own soon…we hope it’s not FELV. We’re purring for Chey…

  12. Distance healing coming yur way! Will Chey drink some plain chick-hen broth?

  13. We are all still purring here for you sweet Chey, we want you to be all better real soon!

  14. Oh gosh, it is so hard to wait for test results. We are purring that the test results will not show anything bad, and for Chey to get better soon!

  15. Thank you Missie Gemini for this update on Chey.
    I was purring very loud last night for Chey. I know she will be okay, she probably just got a kitty virus, perhaps Ichiro brought it in. Miles has something last week and for a day or two I was more peppy and obnoxious than he was meowhaha
    I think your mom is doing a great job nursing Chey.

    Miles is a very loud purring boy and I will have him keep it up!
    bonks and purrs

  16. Thank you for keeping uSSSSS updated. Chey, we are purring very hard that you get better very soon!!

  17. Good news that Chey is eating a little bit and is a bit more active.

    We’re continuing to purr for her full and fast recovery xxx

  18. We’re still purring for Chey! It sounds like she is feeling a little better and we are very glad to hear that. Please keep us updated when you can – we know this must be a scary time for your mom.

    XXX from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha (and mom Katie)

  19. I’ve been away from blogging for about a week, so I didn’t know that Chey was having problems. Certainly we are adding our purrs to those of everyone else for a good outcome to her health problems.

    Poor Chey! It all sounds very stressful — and with a new baby in the house, too. As you said, at least she felt good enough to hiss.

    I hope we hear some good news soon.

  20. Get well soon Chey!
    We are sending healing purrs to ya!

  21. Thanks for the update Gemini. We are sending more purrs to Chey and hope her test results come back good.

  22. We are purring hard for Chey and keeping her in our thoughts!
    ~ The Bunch

  23. Our purrs and prayers never stop for our good friend Chey. We are happy to hear she’s starting to do more normal things. We aren’t familiar with FELV kitties but sure are with FIV+!

  24. We send gentle headbutts and lots of good wishes to Chey – we hope she is much better soon.

  25. The power of the purr is pawsome Chey.
    We are all working together as one and with that much purr power it won’t be long before you are all better.

    Miss Gemini you are doing wonderful as a little nurse.
    warm whisker kisses
    your boyfriendcat


  26. Miss Chey we are purring our best purrs for you, non-stop. We miss your funny viewpoint and gentle sarcasm in the CB. Please continue to eat and we hope your blood tests come back with good (negative) results.

    Mommy sends {{hugs}} to your Mom, too.

  27. We’re glad there is a little improvement. We really hope Chey will keep improving and her tests will be negative. Lots of purrs and tail wags.

  28. We’re purrin’ like mad for you, Chey.

    Has your doctor said anything about an appetite stimulant?

  29. We’re purring extra hard for you Chey! Too many sick kitties and buns out there right now.

  30. Our paws are still crossed & we are purring as loudly as we can for you to get better!!

    We’re gonna post the graphic on our website – & hope we won’t have to keep it up there for too long – try to eat a little more than just the fishy flakes treat!! Force feeding is just dreadful!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  31. Continued purrs and gentle headbutts for you Chey!
    Shaggy went back to the vet today but nothing real definitive yet, except things that they can rule out.

  32. Lots of purrs for Chey. Get better real fast. Hissing, a good self-grooming session, and good scratching, er stretching, on the carpet.

    Here’s to good results on her lab work.

  33. Should read: “Hissing, a good self-grooming session, good scratching, er stretching, on the carpet, and nomming on fish flakes are very good signs. Keep doing more.”

    These humans, they need our constant supervision on everything.

  34. WE purr that Chey will get better soon.
    She will probably do it on her own terms 😉
    Thanks for the update Gemini.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  35. Dr Tweety says:

    Dear Miss Gemini,
    Tank hevenz fur your reeport on da Chey. We iz still purrin’ & keepin’ our pawz crossed dat it iz notz da FIV. We hopes dat da itty bitty Ichiro & da woman iz hangin’ in too.
    We lovez you,
    Dr Tweety

  36. Hope it’s not FIV and that Chey gets better rapidly. You sound like you need a tough paw around to keep that kitten under control, Gemini.

  37. We is still purrin n purrayin n Reiki’in for Chey. We hopes she can eats more soon n it don’t be caused by noffin way bad.
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  38. Purrs and purrs and purrs for you my dear Chey!!!!!

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