Words From Chey Wednesday

Do not think that I haven’t noticed how everyone is demanding photos of that little cat and not me.   As if he could possibly be cuter than I!

I jumped up to sit on the Woman after ignoring her all day and she had JUST (so she says) picked him up and put him on her lap from his room.  I hissed at him just to show him. I left just to show HER.

Okay, so he does mind well.   He wants to follow me and I turn and his and he lies down and looks at me–until I move and he follows again.   Kids.


  1. I think my Mum made a comment on the Facebook thingie about how kyoot this little cat is. I’m on your side though, if a new cat came to my house I would not be pleased. I’m sure I’d let her know about it too.


  2. Oh Chey! This little sweetie is sure missing his mommy. Maybe you remind him of her. He might need a big sister to easy his sadness. It’s not his fault that your woman ripped him from his mommy. cats need to help each other, right?

  3. oh we forgot: you are cutest ever!

  4. Look on the bright side.,Chey. You could have a devoted servant for life!

  5. PS: And your beauty is unsurpassed!

  6. The novelty of seeing pictures of the cute kitty will wear off for us in time, but the fact of the matter is, Chey, we want to see Ichiro now more than you. Sorry.

  7. Oh, Chey, your little brother is missing his Mommy and he’s scared; you should try to help ease his transition and accept his love, sweetie…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Of course the kit follows you; that’s because you’re the bestest, most magnificent cat ever!

  9. Chey, yoo are still numero uno ~ it’s just that the squit needs speshull attention till big enuff for yoo to have a smackdown!

  10. Breaking in new kit iz very hard, Chey… and keeping them every day after that iz rly hard. Speshully if their name iz Gracie. Srsly.

  11. Chey, if you and the new kit start getting along, just think, you could have your pictures taken together!!

  12. Chey, we LOVE seeing pictures of you! We just didn’t know that you had a new little one around. Perhaps pictures of you BOTH would be good???

  13. Chey, I would probably be the same as you. I’ve never lived with another kitty, so I don’t know how I would respond. However, he is a little cutie!

  14. Chey, just think. If you are good to him…give him a little lick on the noggin, let him follow you everywhere…he will be yours!!! Just think of this as another small step towards world domination. Can’t you tell he thinks you are cool!

    Ok, we do admit we think he’s cute…but cute as a baby is cute, not stunningly gorgeous like you.

  15. He looks up to you, Chey! You should be flattered. Here’s an opPURRtunity to train him to be the way you want him. Don’t let Gemini do it first!

  16. We knew you’d have something to say about it, Chey! We think you will be a great kitten trainer (and they do need one!) And we think the kitten is cute, but you are the most beautiful, of course.

  17. I think you’ve got nothing to worry about Chey!

  18. (Sigh) Artemisia has a crush on Ichiro and the Mom thinks he is cute too. Nothing we can do Chey. But we understand your position completely. We faced the same thing when Artemisia came to live here.

  19. but Chey, we thought you liked baby kits! he’s prolly not so bad and you can prolly slobber all ofur his head and he won’t mind.

  20. Oh Chey, I did not know you had a new brofur! He is very cute, but of course he is not as stunning as you!

  21. Ohhhh Chey you have a little teeeensy brother, Ichiero.
    He is quite handsome, and I think he will be a good helper for you.
    Start training early. Of course you are the boss.

    bonks and fun for you girls
    don’t tease him too much though

  22. Chey
    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…we think the little tyke is just trying his best Chey imitation!

    Hellllllllllllllooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.


    your boyfriendcat

  23. Chey, you need to settle this, and quickly. We need a photo of both you and the enfant terrible to see who truly is indeed the cutest!

  24. Hello beautiful 🙂
    Little kitten has good taste!!
    He is looking to you for direction!!
    He knows quality when he sees it ,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Chey, the little one is adoring you. You, who love to be adored and looked up to. Look down and see the little one has possibilities. Right now he’s trainable. Train him your way.

  26. Sometimes I think I would want a brother or sister but I am thinking that it isn’t such a bad idea to be the only. Hope you get used to each other. Just let the little one know who is the boss. Good luck!

  27. Chey~~I like little kits. I am not certain I would want one moving in full time though.~~Junior

    I don’t like little kits even visiting. Last ime some visitied, I peed on Meowms bed after they left!~~Orion

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