Wondering Wednesday

Gemini continues to report: I am surprised Momma can type. Ichiro has been biting her hand and bunny kicking it. I guess it serves her right for bringing this cat into the house and I have to train him!  He likes to lie on the mouse.

This photo of Cheysuli is a few months old.  She is no longer so fat. And she has a shaved belly.  But Momma hasn’t taken any photos of her while she is convelescing.  I do not know why.   I think you all need to see her belly.

At any rate, Chey gets really sleepy with the appetite stimulant. In fact, she takes naps to get places to take naps. Momma thinks she needs to cut back on the dosage.   Chey is eating some but not tons.   Momma was gone all day on Tuesday so couldn’t monitor her eating and desires as closely as she likes.  And it was hot so she could have not wanted to eat because of that.  Also Momma isn’t sure how much it is possible for Ichiro to eat to determine if Chey ate.  She thinks she probably did but Ichiro is quite the little piglet and she couldn’t lock him up in this heat.

At any rate, we are wondering… for those of you with pet health insurance, who do you like best?  Who have you heard bad things about.   Momma wants to get it on me and Ichiro so that if we have major illnesses like Cheysuli she doesn’t have to pay so much.  She thinks that Cheysuli at 7 years old and with no teeth, being a purebred who was bred three times and also having this that there are too many things that would be considered pre-existing conditions to make the plan worth while for her.  So Momma says she will just be gold plated all her life.  But what do you think? Who do you like?


  1. chey is such a beautiful cat 🙂

  2. We don’t have pet insurance…we are what mom calls self-insured! With so many of us, it makes more sense to put the money we would pay in premiums x 10 (for us kitties and Grete) in savings and just take our chances. The biggest expense was our adorable but expensive Grete woofie who has golden elbows! None of that would have been covered by insurance because it would have been considered excluded from coverage…so we just pay as we go and hope for the best.

  3. We don’t have pet insurance, Chey. However when Mom reads about how expensive vet treatment can be when a kitty develops a problem, she thinks about it, so will be interested to read comments from people who do have it.

    Gemini, thanks for your report, as always. Chey, take a good nap, girl, and then get up and have a good meal.

  4. We don’t have pet insurance either. My human has considered it, but she is not sure if it’s worth it. She’s wondering about other humans’ experiences with it too.

  5. Pet insurance isn’t a big thing in Malaysia so I don’t know what’s what. Poor Chey having no teeth at such a young age. And poor Gemini at having to look after the kitten all by yourself!

  6. Sorry, don’t know a thing about insurance. Sorry to hear that Chey is still a concern when it comes to eating. It must be very difficult.

    Gemini is such a good girl to taking over the blog while Chey isn’t well — she does such a good job reporting.

    And that Ichiro is just a little monkey, isn’t he?

  7. Momma has no insurance on us, so she can’t help you with any advise on that.

    We are all still purrin furry hard for Chey to feel better and eat more.

    Miss Gemini you are doing such a BIG wonderful job of keeping up with efurryone and telling us how things are going.

    Back to purrin

    your boyfriendcat

  8. Dr Tweety says:

    Da momee sez dats to puts multypull catsez on insurance costs almostee az much az havfun one cat gets sicky or hurt. We haz elected to puts money in a account instead. Each cat could cost ups to 30 green paperz each per month on da insurance plan. Dat iz 150 green paperz a month… which iz equal to da 1600 green paperz dars Delilah’z s knee surgery will cost. But, dis won’t help if more den one cat gets sick. (Like now, Maxi haz a bladder problum.) Da insurance also doez nots cover certaon proceedurez & also egg-zempts some.
    One ting- da momeez momee hadz a special credit card dat iz justee fur vet care. You cannots uze it for anyting but vet care so it iz a good ting fur da un-eggspected.
    We are so glad dat Chey iz feelin’ a bit better. Yup, dat appytite ting will make her sleepy, but da wether up here in da NW izn’t helpuin. We don’ts haz AC efer… & justee normal kittyz iz hot.
    We lovez you,
    Dr Tweety & da gang

  9. We have VIP pet it was the best plan but mama wishes she could say good things about them. They all as bad. VIP pet dose pay for wellness care and has the highest pay out. However still be perpard to put down a petty penny. Out of over 6000 in bills i got a little over 1,000 they have a rule they pay once per a calnder year for an treatment so in maxie then they say what they think it should cost and pay 90 % and you also have a 50 fee on top of it for useing it

    it dose pay for

    anunna shot-
    annunal cheek ups 65 at two times a year
    flee medison at $ 50.00 a year
    dental- 100.00 this dose not and they will not pay for the anstina

    The plan i have is about 465.00 a year

    I looked at alot of them and non seemed better

    ASPA – Sucked
    Trupainon- did not cover as much
    24 pet watch again coverd about 800

    They are rembersment plans so you have to have your form filled out sent in at the major vet places this is the worst. At tufts I spend half my time trying to have forms filled out right so they cover things The DR who work there normal are okay just too busy and oftern pass it to the resdents to fill out who ALLWAYS do it wrong. Trying to get medicla reccords from the hopsital faxesd over in the end they all look and see what they can denine.

    These are also the pepole whp told me when maxie was very sick and about to be sent to the bridge well we dont know if we cover that but we do cover eunathiana I complaned to a superviser and i did get a letter telling em that my complate was taken care of.

    for appatie sumatie you should uses Cypeherdine becuse it makes the cat more alreart there are other ones too

  10. We wish Chey would eat more. Actually, Mom wishes Sniffie would too. Our Mom isn’t as nice as yours is, she’s already posted pictures of Sniffie’s ouchie.

    We don’t have Insurance. Mom says that with 4 cats and 2 dogs it would be more expensive than paying the VET bills.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Actually Maxie, I am on cyperhedine which makes me sleepy. While some cats may get restless, some cats get sedated and I am very sedated.

  12. We’re self insured too. Purrs coming to you sweet Chey!!!

  13. Come on Chey, eat more please! We are purring and praying for you to feel better and to eat more! We know that you are tired but we hope you feel better and eat more soon!

    WE don’t have pet insurance – our mom looked into it but it was way too expensive with multiple cats – we say just to take what you would pay for a premium and save it in a separate account, because at least for us the premium is pretty high. We haven’t heard too much good stuff on pet insurance, but we know there are sites that review it – catster might have something.

  14. Hedley and Simon says:



    We’re lurkers from New Orleans, Hedley and Simon. The above site is where are girl read a lot about pet insurance and compared plans. She decided to get both of us Petplan. It seemed to have good reviews and reasonable prices. The version she got doesn’t cover wellness stuff, but our girl thinks of it like major medical for cats.

    Luckily, she hasn’t had to use it yet, so can’t say anything about the claims service.

    Good luck!
    Hedley and Simon

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